Thursday, 2 May 2013

Next week: Interview and Giveaway: Samantha Towle's "The Mighty Storm"

Hi peeps, I'm off to the big apple for a few days as of tomorrow so my blog and facebook page will be a little quiet until Wednesday. However, I will definitely be making up to you all next week when I give you my amazing interview with Samantha Towle, yes "The Samantha Towle".

Last week, as well as doing the usual: going to work, reading a few books and updating my blog, I met up with Samantha  (squeeee) and I was beyond excited because not only was I meeting her but I was going to be interviewing her. Samantha was just lovely and spent an hour answering my questions and giving me little snippets of information that haven't been revealed yet (yes I have a few little tidbits of information about Jake Wethers, Wethering The Storm and also her new book "Trouble"that will be revealed in the interview).

Because of the length of the interview, it will be split into 3 parts which will be posted on my facebook page next week.

There is also a little teaser of the interview on there too. Go take a look and "Like" the page if you are just visiting because look what's coming:
 The giveaway that will come at the end of the next week is a signed copy of "The Mighty Storm", and I will happily ship internationally.

(After the news we received this week, that TMS will be getting new covers, this will be a wanted item).

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