Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Samantha Towle update on "Trouble".

A number of fans have been asking Samantha Towle about the release date for her upcoming novel "Trouble". Here is her response:
Some of you have been asking me about Trouble, if it will still be released in June... the short answer is no. To cut a long story short, I was struggling to write Trouble. It took a while to figure out why... resulting in a long chat with my Beta and an even longer conversation with my hubby... turns out I was writing the wrong story. I was writing the story I wanted Mia and Jordan to have, not t...he story they were trying to tell me. And trust me things run a lot smoother when I just go with their flow - especially Jordan’s
So this means everything I have written so far is null and void. I'm starting again. Sounds bad. Not really, because I'm actually writing the story a lot faster now that I'm listening to them.

Date for release? Not sure. But I promise to keep you all posted.
Mucho love
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