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"Undeniable" by Madeline Sheehan

Review: Madeline Sheehan's "Undeniabl3."

“It wasn’t easy. Nothing worth doing ever was.
And love is worth everything”.

I really don’t know where to start with this review. I mean I’d read the blurb so I knew this wasn’t going to be your conventional love story but hey, it was still a love story and I’m a hopeless romantic so I got stuck right in.

I read the book in one sitting because I just couldn’t put the damn thing down. I felt every kind of emotion whilst on this roller coaster including a hell of a lot of anger, heart break and angst. “Undeniable” does contain violence, a rape scene, a hell of a lot of swearing (and not the mild form either), and sex (but definitely not the conventional type)but do you know what, this made the story real and it  helped me connect with the characters. I mean bikers swear right, they have sex too (albeit a lot of it)…  right?
From the word go, you see a connection between the 2 main characters Deuce and Eva. Despite Eva only being a child and Deuce being 23, Eva is already hooked and claims:

“It was official. I was head over heels in love”

Over the years, Eva and Deuce’s paths cross and that connection is still there but it isn’t until Eva is 16, that their relationship develops into something else:

“If you were older, darling’, I’d have you on the back of my bike
and in my fuckin’ bed.
And you’d be not just likin’ it, but lovin’ it, beggin’ me for more”

Although the age thing is very controversial, it really doesn’t detract from the story. It didn’t make me stop reading because I was already so engrossed.

Whilst reading their story, there were times where I found myself wanting to scream at both Deuce and Eva. There were times where my heart sank, my belly flipped and where I found myself holding my breath  because I just couldn’t believe what was happening!!!!! My heart broke several times, got put back together and then was shattered again just as quickly.

So how do I feel about Deuce? Angry, very very angry. I know he hasn’t  had the best childhood, I know his father has always made him feel worthless. I know he’s  to prove himself  and I know he’s had to behave in a certain way, especially since he is  the president of a motorcycle club. But there were times where I was so angry, so infuriated by his actions that I really wanted to throw my kindle across the room out of sheer frustration. But did I??? No, I just kept on reading because I needed more of their story and I was still so desperate to see them have a “happily ever after”.
And Eva, well she knows what she wants and she wants Deuce. She always has and she sees in him what he struggles to see in himself:

“You’re better than you think,” I whispered. “I didn’t realise it when I was little, didn’t understand that look in your eyes, why you always looked so sad, but I get it now. Someone got inside of you and messed you all up, made up down and left right so now you think you’re shit when you’re not even close. So you need to listen to me when I tell you that you are better than you think. You’re even better than that. To me, you’re the best."

But Eva isn’t  your typical biker chick. She’s outspoken and has no intention of being an “old lady” who sits at home waiting for her man to get back (if and when he gets back). This causes conflict between the two and you see the relationship (if you can call it that at this point)take a turn. Throughout the book, there are many encounters between Deuce and Eva, some lasting longer than others, some more brutal and gut wrenching than the previous, others just so much sweeter and heartwarming than you could ever imagine. There is never a constant in their relationship and you never know what will happen with them next. This book keeps you on your toes right up until the very end.

I’m trying really hard not to put too many spoilers in this review because I really feel you need to read the book to experience the whole roller coaster of emotions I can guarantee you will feel.
Madeline Sheehan has truly written a masterpiece because despite everything I  felt, I just couldn’t put the story of Deuce and Eva down. I had to keep reading, it was like a drug and  I was sooo addicted, even desperate at times. This book stayed with me for a good while.
I have rated this book 5 Hearts and deservedly so.

Some very controversial topics covered and some very tasteful language used (lol) but I couldn’t put it down and I don’t think you will either.

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