Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Samantha Towle Interview and Giveaway

So today was mostly spent at work with a bit exercise to finish off the day. Oh yes, and in between that I managed to meet and interview an amazing author by the name of Samantha Towle. Some of you may know her as the creator of Jake Wethers and Tru Bennett.... Yep I met her (squeeee). How excited was I !!!!!! I have even managed to get a couple of books signed. Oh yes!!! One by Samantha herself and believe it or not, one by our very own Jake "The Snake" Wethers!!!!!! OK don't all scream at once.
I will be posting the interview up this week along with the book giveaway. The second signed book will be given away when I post the interview I did with Mr Wethers and Miss Bennett!!!!! (Or is it Mr and Mrs Wethers now???)

So watch this space.

Please go to the link below for the "Wethering The Storm" Teaser Samantha posted on her blog yesterday xxx

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