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"Surrender Your Love" by J.C Reed

Review: JC Reed's "Surrender your Love."

After reading a number of emotional, heart breaking novels, I wanted my next book to be something lighter, not so emotionally draining, maybe even fun. So as I scoured the internet for “The One”, and came across J.C Reeds “Surrender Your Love”. The synopsis was good so I thought why not give it a go... and I’m so glad I did. This story was good... there was humour and I laughed.... a lot...happy days right? Wrong. What I didn’t expect were the twists and turns that would hit in the latter half of the book. Oh I was surprised alright. Was it worth the read? Most definitely. 

So what’s the book about?
When Brooke Stewart first meets Jett Townsend, there is a connection…albeit a physical one: 
He was dazzlingly gorgeous. Forget gorgeous. He was beautiful. Utterly, totally, mind-blowinglystunning. On a scale of one to ten, he was a hundred.
But he is cocky, arrogant and very self assured. Brooke doesn’t do commitment, she doesn’t really do relationships but for some reason, she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. He’s driving her crazy and she’s only met him once. Actually make that twice since she gets very drunk that night and wakes to find him in her bed!!!! Oh yes and he’s ready to show her a very good time. Brooke is mortified. firstly because she doesn’t do one night stands and secondly because it’s him. What the hell is he doing in her bed????What in god’s name happened last night to make her lose her mind????
“The guy had trouble written all over him yet I was behaving like a pubescent teen in heat,unable to control my own hormones.”
When Brooke is head hunted for a job, is it too good to be true? On her second day as a personal assistant to a man she has never met, she is sent to a remote estate in Italy to finalise a real estate deal and also, to meet the man she will be working for. Surely bad luck doesn't run in threes? Unfortunately for Brooke it does and she comes face to face with the man she can’t seem to get out of her mind. Yes her new boss in Jett Townsend or should we say Jett Mayfield. Jett Mayfield doesn't take no for an answer and he seems to be the kind of guy that always gets what he wants and he doesn't just want a personal assistant. He wants Brooke in his bed:
                 “I hired you for your attitude, and so far I’m pretty happy with my decision.                               But I’m not sure I can work with you until I've fucked this attraction out of my system.”
Just say it how it is why don’t you Mr. Mayfield (holy moly)!!!  So he proposes two months of no strings sex. No commitment just the way Brooke likes it with a clause that she can pull out whenever she wants but she gets to keep her job. Sounds great in theory but in practice, can Brooke really just have a physical relationship with this man and not get emotionally attached?
What would be the harm in following Sylvie’s advice and giving in to my own needs for once?(Apart from your job and heart.)
                                   No, my heart wouldn't be in it. Just sex. And lots of it,                                     or as much as it’d take to get bored and move on.
I loved Brooke's character. She was feisty, cocky and witty. I loved the dialogue she had with herself, most of it either telling herself off or talking herself out of something.
    I wondered how it would feel to have Jett Mayfield’s hands stroking the inside of my thighs.      Get a grip Stewart. After this you’re lucky if you still have a job. Let’s keep it at that.
She was hilarious and so easy to connect with, very down to earth. Her behaviour kind of reminded me of what us girls do when faced with a hottie who shows interest. More often than not, we know they're no good but we just can't help ourselves. We've just gotta give them a go!!!!
And Jett Mayfield: well he was a little more complicated and left me a whole lot of confused. As much as he was a complete and utter stud, there was just something about him... I really struggled to connect with him. There were times where I just found him very cold and completely emotionally detached. Where I just wanted to say "come on, don't leave her hanging... Show some feeling... The girls got a heart you know!!!!" Then occasionally we saw a very compassionate and caring side where we saw him comfort and console her when that's what she needed:
     What the hell was wrong with him? How could he change from sensual and passionate to cold             and calculated in the blink of an eye?
 I felt as conflicted with him as Brooke did and I didn’t like it. I wanted a “Happily ever after” but as the book progressed I kept wondering whether I would get one… I’m such a hopeless romantic. 
Although the book was a quick read (i read it in one go over a few hours) it was still very well written. My connection to the story was definitely helped by Jessica's in depth descriptions of characters and scenarios and the way their emotions were so well described you felt them yourself. 
 The story started off as light hearted and witty. But as I progressed through the book, it became more and more evident that this wouldn't last. All of a sudden, there were demons they were both hiding. Brooke’s past was revealed but we had to wait for Jetts' and it was only in the last 10% of the book that we got the big reveal…. And OMG I was not expecting the bomb shell that was dropped. I could see their feelings growing stronger towards each other but the twist!!!! Holy buggery.  Is there a happily ever after? Nope. Is there a cliff hanger? Yup.  Is there a sequel? Oh yes thank god for small mercies!!!!
I rated this book 4 Hearts. I really enjoyed it but just felt something was missing. I think I just wanted myself to connect more with Jett but I struggled. I've got a feeling this might all change in “Conquer Your Love”. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion there’s more to Jett than meets the eye (I really hope so). I don’t think the big twist at the end is the be all and end all. There must be something more that he’s  hiding… I hope so because I really want to love that drop dead gorgeous green eyed piece of sin. Fingers crossed.
“Conquer Your Love” is out 1st June 2013

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