Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Fallen Too Far" By Abbi Glines

This book really wasn’t what I expected it to be....holy mother in heaven, it was sooo much better. I thought it might be a rags to riches kind of book where Cinderella gets swept away by her prince charming Not even close. This book had me engrossed from the word go and I ended up reading it in one sitting. The world around me ceased to exist (yup... no husband, no dog, just Blaire and Rush) and I loved every bit of it. This was an easy read and the story line not difficult to follow. However please don’t feel that this detracted in any way from just how good the story of Rush and Blaire was.

So what’s this book about?
When Blaire Wynn’s  mother passed away, she was thrown into a world she knew she would never belong:
“Trucks with mud on the tires were what I was used to seeing parked outside a house party. Expensive foreign cars weren’t.”
“This was my dad’s new home. His new family. I was not going to fit in here”.
 Despite not being welcomed into the fold, Blaire was offered a room (albeit the housekeepers room) by her step brother Rush. What she didn’t bank on was falling for him.
 Rush was hot… as in silver eyes, tattoos and even a tongue piercing. He was a whole lot of something something and he even had me a little hot under the collar. Did he have the personality to go with it? Nope. He was a bad ass man whore:

… he had a body that underwear models were jealous of and those eyes of his could make a girl do crazy things.

And they did do crazy things… all of them hoping for a little bit more than the only thing  Rush Finley was willing to promise: a one night stand:
"I warned you last night when you came to me begging and taking off your clothes that all it would ever be was one night of sex. Nothing more".

A love them and leave them type of guy. Did I jump on the “Team Rush” bandwagon straight away? Unfortunately not. Looks wise, if he came knocking on my door asking for a cup of sugar, I would not be turning him away. In terms of personality, he was cold hearted, arrogant, insensitve… god the list goes on”. His behavior was like that of a spoilt rich kid… if he wanted it, he got it… if he got bored… he tossed it aside…. An award winning a**hole:  I’d say that summed him up completely.  As the story unfolded though, I saw Rush’s true colours and the reasons for his behavior… and that’s when I started to fall in love with him. The more he got to know Blaire and the life she had come from, the more he thawed towards her and the more protective he became of her, even defending her when necessary. But he knew he was no good for her and he tried so many times to stay away:
“I can’t touch you. I want to so damn bad it hurts like a motherfucker but I can’t.
I won’t mess you up. You’re…. you’re perfect and untouched. And in the end
you would not forgive me”.
And Blaire, “Sweet” Blaire… I loved her character. Blaire was a strong, independent, resilient woman who, despite being dealt some really crappy cards in her life was not bitter, even towards her father who had been the catalyst when it came to some of the events that led up to her arrival in Rosemary:
I wanted to hate him. He had only caused pain in my life since the day my sister had died. But it was hard. He was the only family I had.
On occasion we saw a very vulnerable  side to Blaire. Miscommunication and misunderstandings made her  feel even more of an outcast than before:

It hurt. Knowing he disliked me so much that he didn’t want to think I was attractive.
The throb between my legs slowly faded as reality set in. Rush hadn’t wanted to
touch me. He had been furious because he had.

My heart really went out to Blaire so many times. I really just wanted her to be loved like she deserved and I wanted it to be Rush that gave this to her.
Unfortunately Rush had a secret. A secret that belonged to his sister Nan but a secret all the same and one is he was not willing to share.. God this secret drove me nuts. Everyone seemed to know about it (well everyone but Blaire anyway) and I desperately wanted in on it. It left Rush torn between his loyalty to his sister and his growing feelings towards the one woman he desperately wanted:
I don’t know what this is that’s going on between us but from the moment I
laid eyes on you I knew you were going to change my world.
 Where did this leave them? Although Blaire did not have a wealth of experience when it came to relationships, she wasn’t naïve either:

What did Bethy mean? How would us sleeping together affect Nan?
The secret, whatever it was, would keep us from doing anything more. It was too important to
him, and therefore a warning flag for me. If he couldn’t tell me something even Bethy knew
then we had a problem.
This book had a lot. It gave me a bittersweet storyline with plenty of drama that kept me captivated and wanting more. Then there were a  whole host of hot guys from Rush to Grant to Woods who got me all flustered (god… which team to pick????).   There was a good measure  of  romance but not the conventional kind because that would have just been boring and  to top it off there was a large sprinkling of that magic ingredient sex which made it a little bit dirty too (lol).
“Fallen too Far” gave me the mother of all endings with a twist I would never have guessed in a million years. I knew whatever Nan’s secret was, it was going to be huge and yes it was but it was also completely and utterly gut wrenching. It left me feeling all kinds of pain  because this secret didn’t just  affect Nan. It affects them all.  
When I started reading this book, I had no idea there would be a book two. Yup ,you guessed it, there is a cliff hanger. The ending will leave you desperate for the second book and lucky you, it’s available so you so you can get stuck right in
I am giving this book 4 hearts. Why not a 5 I hear you ask? Grammatical errors firstly. But secondly, it was quite a quick  read and I wish more time had been spent exploring certain aspects of the story.
Now for “Never too Far”. I’m so excited for more Rush and Blaire.  
He wasn't what sent me running. He was what made me want to stay.

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