Monday, 27 February 2017

Review: Katy Regnery's "Don't Speak (A Modern Fairytale)."


From New York Times bestseller Katy Regnery comes a new twist on a beloved fairytale.

A fisherman’s daughter.

The governor’s son.

Two very different worlds.

In this modern retelling of The Little Mermaid, a fisherman’s daughter from an Outer Banks island untouched by time, meets the son of North Carolina’s governor at a fancy party where she’s working.

Laire, who wants so much more from life than her little island can offer, is swept away by wealthy, sophisticated Erik, who is, in turn, entranced by her naiveté and charm. The two spend a whirlwind summer together that ends on the knife-point of heartbreak and forces them to go their separate ways.

Years later, when fate leads them back to one another, they will discover the terrifying depth of the secrets they kept from each other, and learn that shattered hearts can only be healed by a love that willfully refuses to die.

All novels Katy Regnery’s ~a modern fairytale~ collection are written as fundraisers. 10% of the e-book sales for in March and April 2017 will be donated to P.E.O. International, a non-profit organization that celebrates the advancement of women, awards scholarships and grants, and provides motivation for women to make their dreams come true.

**Contemporary Romance. Due to profanity, adult themes and very strong sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

Review: Jo 

Katy Regnery had been an author that I had wanted to read for a while now, so when I was given the chance to read "Don't Speak", I couldn't wait to get started. I have heard nothing but good things about this this author's previous work and I have now discovered why Katy has so many amazing reviews. I have fallen crazy in love with this book, so much so that a day after reading it and I am still thinking about Erik and Laire and their beautiful romance. I have been given quite the book hangover. 

"Sometimes you don't even need to kiss before wanting someone. 
The truth is... I wanted you the second I laid eyes on you." 

Loosely based on the story of the The Little Mermaid, "Don't Speak" was very much like an enchanting fairytale. It began so dreamily for Erik and Laire and I found myself being swept away by their blossoming relationship. Erik and Laire were both characters that I very quickly loved. Laire was just so sweet and innocent that it would be impossible not to be charmed by every single thing about her. Erik captured my heart and made me swoon over and over again. I adored the way he treated Laire. It made my heart melt to see such a strong love grow between the pair and I was excited to see what their future held. 

"He made a wish that he'd never, ever live another day of his life without her. 
He made a wish that she would, somehow, someway, be his forever." 

Like most fairytale's, there was always going to be something that happened to ensure that the path to an HEA wouldn't be a smooth one. To be honest, I found that Erik and Laire's story took me through an unexpected roller-coaster of emotions. I began feeling so swoony and loved up and hopeful for the beautiful journey that lay ahead, only to have that snatched away leaving me weeping buckets of tears as I was overcome with sadness at what was playing out before me. I was left frantically turning the pages, desperate to know how things would turn out for Erik and Laire. My heart was in my mouth and I just couldn't relax until I was certain that love would conquer all. 

"I don't want to live another day without you. 
I don't want this life if you're not in it." 

With this book, Katy Regnery has delivered an epic romance that has easily earned a spot on my favourite ever reads list. I found Erik and Laire's story to contain such a gorgeous tale of love that I was in romance heaven reading it, unable to put my kindle down and devouring the entire book in less than twenty-four hours. I wholeheartedly recommend snapping this one up for a wonderfully, bewitching story that will melt your heart. 

"Don't Speak" gets 5 hearts from me.

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