Friday, 9 December 2016

Review: M. Leighton's "Dashing through the Snow."


Dilyn Hart hates Christmas, so when her boss (and ex-boyfriend) hands her an assignment to interview champion snowboarder and gorgeous playboy extraordinaire, Dash Grainger, on Christmas Eve, she takes it. There are several things she doesn’t plan for—a surly driver, a chalet in the middle of nowhere, a freak snowstorm—but the biggest surprise of all is Dash himself. 

Dash Grainger lives for the high, and so far in his twenty-six years, he’s never met anyone or anything he loves more. Nothing has ever thrilled him as much as slick snow, cold air, and breakneck speed. 

Until he meets Dilyn.
But one perfect night doesn’t mean clear, blue skies the next day. There are some storms that can’t be weathered. 

Christmas Day might just be one of them.

Review: Jo 

I loved this swoony and sexy Christmas story. It ticked all of the boxes for me in the festive read department; Brilliant characters, heartwarming romance, sizzling sexiness and lots and lots of snow! If you are looking for something to read this holiday season, don't hesitate to snap this one up.

"He's sucking me in, pulling me under. 
He's an avalanche and I'm being swallowed by him." 

First off, I met the lovely Dilyn, the journalist with a dislike for Christmas. This girl needed something exciting to happen to brighten up her holiday blues. When she was sent to interview snowboarding champion, Dash, it looked like that excitement may just have been about to begin. Dash was gorgeous. From the first moment I met him, I knew that he was going to be a dreamy hero to go all squishy over. Charming, cheeky and amazingly good looking, Dash could have the pick of any beautiful woman but he was yet to find his soulmate. Dash was waiting for a woman to walk into his life and be his game changer. 

"It's all or nothing for me. 
And when I find my 'all', I'll give her everything."

I just loved how cute Dilyn and Dash were together. It was a case of insta-lust with this pair and they didn't waste anytime in getting hot and steamy. The couple were so hot together that I am convinced that they melted the snow right off the roof of their cosy cabin. Dilyn and Dash made an attractive couple and I was excited to see their relationship play out. My only disappointment was that a whole year was missed out between the end of final chapter and the epilogue, missing out to so much from Dilyn and Dash's progression. The author did write some of the pair's highlights into the epilogue, but I would have liked more from them. I could have quite happily read a few more Dilyn and Dash filled chapters.

"As long as I have you, every day is perfect." 

"Dashing through the Snow" gets 4 hearts from me.

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