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Review: Ilsa Madden-Mills "Dirty English."
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A scarred fighter.
A girl with rules.
One night of unbridled passion.

There are three things you need to know about Elizabeth Bennett: she’s smart as a whip, always in control, and lives by a set of carefully crafted rules. She’s learned the hard way that people you love the most always hurt you in the end.

But then she meets Declan Blay, the new neighbor at her apartment complex.

A tattooed British street fighter, he’s the campus bad boy she’s supposed to avoid, but when he saves her from a frat party gone bad, all her rules about sex and love fly out the window.

She gives him one night of unbridled passion, but he longs for more. 

With only a cardboard-thin wall separating their bedrooms, he dreams of possessing the vulnerable girl next door forever.

One night. Two damaged hearts. The passion of a lifetime.

*a modern love story inspired by Pride and Prejudice* 

Review: Kirsty

I really, really liked this book! It was such a pleasant surprise. The book wasn't necessarily very unique, or something I hadn't read before, but at the same time, something about it just had me hooked and wanting to read all through the night. I really enjoyed it.

The heroine, Elizabeth, is your typical broken character. She has lived through an awful ordeal, and unfortunately, lets it dictate parts of her life. She isn't really living whilst she is at university, merely existing. Until she meets bad boy, Declan Blay. I loved him! (And he is a twin.. double the trouble, double the hotness). Of course, being a fellow Brit, I was bound to have a soft spot for him, and he certainly didn't disappoint. As a fighter, he did remind me a little bit of my #1 Travis Maddox, but that's ok, there's plenty of room in my heart for them to share ;)

"Love is a knife that cuts out your heart by piece; feeding it to the boy you love."

Declan and Elizabeth have one crazy night of passion, which scares them both to death, especially Elizabeth. Used to one night stands and not building any relationships, Elizabeth is shocked when she starts to feel things for Declan that she just isn't used to. He, on the other hand, was more than happy to accept his feelings and act on them. I loved that he wasn't afraid. He knew what he wanted and went for it, he just had to break down Elizabeth's walls.

I wanted her in my skin. I wanted her in my soul. And I wanted in hers.

This isn't the first book of Ilsa's that I have read, but it's definitely my favourite. I loved everything about it. The story kept me hooked and wanting to read and read until I had finished. I felt a real depth of emotion at times whilst reading this book. I felt Elizabeth's pain right along with her. I love it when that happens in a book.

“I got you, Elizabeth. Let me take care of you. Let me be the one you run to. 
We can figure it all out together.”

I hope there is a follow up of some description, I'd love to read about the other characters.

I rated "Dirty English" ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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