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Review: D.L Roan's "One Defining Second (When Seconds count #3)."

Review: D.L Roan's "One Defining Second (When Seconds count #3)."


One defining second can change a person’s life forever. 

For Dax Keller, that second came with a promise he can’t possibly keep; to protect his best friend’s sister at all costs. There’s only one problem. Balancing the weight of his promise with his crushing attraction to the feisty redhead has proven to be impossible. He’s made so many mistakes, told so many lies, she curses the ground he walks on when he needs her to trust him the most. 

The star witness in a federal human trafficking case, someone wants Rebecca Danes silenced, permanently. And now, the one man who’s cost her nearly everything, wants to protect her? The only person she and her misguided libido need protection from is him! She has a case to solve, a child to rescue from the clutches of a ruthless human trafficking ring, and nothing or no one—not even the demi-god of testosterone, Dax Keller—is going to stop her. 

When Dax joins Rebecca on an international race to save a young boy from a brutal fate, he discovers the true impossibility of his task. Moving hell and earth to keep her out of an assassin’s crosshairs will be the easy part. Earning Rebecca’s forgiveness, and ultimately her heart, may kill them both. 

HEAT WARNING: One Defining Second is a fast-paced, heart-pounding romantic thriller about survival. Dax and Rebecca's story takes you deep into the underworld of human trafficking and the monsters that live there are very real. Contains liberally descriptive sexual content, Alpha males who use gritty language, fight hard for the innocent, and love their women even harder. Reader discretion is advised. 
Genre: Romantic Thriller, Romantic Suspense, Crime Fiction, Action-Adventure, Organized Crime, Fiction For Women Standalone Novel With Interconnected Characters.

Review: Surj 

My first experience of DL Roan was "Second Nature" and wow, did that book absolutely blow my mind. The characters, the originality of the story line, the twists, the edge of your seat, heart palpitations mystery and suspense... you name it, that book had it and when I turned the last page, I knew I had been on one hell of an amazing journey. So I was thrilled to bits when I discovered that this author had released another book in the "When Seconds Count" series where I would be getting Dax and Rebecca's story... two characters I'd been introduced to in the previous book. 

"One Defining Second" started off really well. The prologue immediately grabbing my attention and the first couple of chapters definitely leaving me wanting more. I mean Rebecca appeared to be one kick ass, feisty heroine who was trying to do the right thing but seemed to constantly get it wrong and Dax... well what can I say other than he had smoking hot alpha written all over him. The visuals were also there very much like the first book so I could see everything playing out in my head which was great. But then somewhere in the first twenty percent, the story lost my attention. I don't know whether it was the in depth narrative on the trafficking or all the many names that were linked to the criminal activity and where they fit in or whether it was the slow build up to the couple ending up in Brazil... I don't know but I'm so gutted this book didn't end up working for me. 

Even Rebecca ended up driving me crazy and she was someone I'd really liked to begin with. I'd really taken to her and understood her despair when it came to the plight of the children she was desperately trying to save. But then I saw another side to her. A side that was almost brattish, child like even and I wanted to give her a good shake. On top of that, there was the constant push/ pull, will she/ won't she with Dax that frustrated the hell out of me. I loved Dax's character and her behaviour towards him completely pissed me off. Initially I understood why she was angry but when her behaviour continued, despite his explanations, it was a step  too far (in my opinion). Unlike Grant and Thalia, the constant bickering between this couple wasn't entertaining or humorous at all but instead felt somewhat tedious and repetitive. Just when I thought it was done with or that I had a reprieve, they were at it again and usually instigated by Rebecca!!! 

Everything about Dax Kellar was what I love in my heroes. He was hot and sexy and 100% alpha. Plus there was a gentle, loving, protective, tender side to him that had me going weak at the knees. He really did give Grant a run for his money. 

I loved that Thalia and Grant featured quite heavily in this book. It was great catching up with them and seeing where their life had taken them. Let's just say, there was never a quiet moment where this couple were concerned. And Winston... now that monkey definitely brought some much needed humour. His antics really did have my cheeks hurting from the constant smiling and laughing. He really was something else. 

So all in all, I guess I was somewhat disappointed in how Rebecca and Dax's story unraveled. There were times I was confused, moments I felt I'd lost the plot and unfortunately my dislike for Rebecca really didn't help matters. I did love this author's previous books so I will definitely pick up whatever she brings out next. Unfortunately it was just this one that didn't particularly work for me. 

I rated "One Defining Second" ❤️❤️❤️

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