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Review: Kristen Ashley's "The Greatest Risk (The Honey Series)."
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A woman unable to connect, struggling to hide another part of her. A man burning to learn her truth, and make her whole. Through explosive passion and deep exploration, they are about to take the greatest risk of all. But will they be able to take that leap, and come out on the other side together?

Review: Surj & Derna

Surj:  Wow Kristen Ashley really surprised us with this one but in the most wonderful of ways. What we were expecting (having read the first two books in the honey series) and what we got couldn’t have been more different but that’s what gave "The Greatest Risk" its beauty. The element of surprise at what lay between the pages truly stole our breath away as we delved into one of the most heart felt, tender love stories we’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Stellan and Sixx’s story took our hearts and minds hostage as we travelled one hell of a journey with this couple but honestly, we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

"Celebrate small victories, large and small, but don't allow them
to fool you into believing you've reached the ultimate goal."

Derna: Absolutely Surj. I loved the intensity of this story as these two complex characters worked through some deep rooted issues. Theirs is a journey we won’t forget in a hurry that's for sure. 

So let's talk characters. I was a bit weary of Stellan initial as (in the previous books) he hadn’t come across as the nicest person, always appearing slightly cold and aloof perhaps. However, from the very beginning of "The Farthest Edge" I saw a completely different side to this man, a softer side that blind sided me a little.  I wasn't expecting it but he had me in the palm of his hand right from the get go. I loved the lengths Stellan would go to to get his woman. He knew it wasn't going to be easy. He knew this was going to take planning and he knew he had one shot to get it right and he had no intention of messing it up. This was a man who had done his homework and I absolutely loved this about him. 

It was heaven. This was heaven. And because it was, Sixx was in hell. 

Surj:  I couldn’t agree more. For me Stellan truly was the heart beat of this story. He stole the show and absolutely stole my heart. He was the epitome of what I would want in a man. Of course he was alpha but as you said, he was a man that would give everything he had to get the woman who had captured his heart. This was a man who was building a solid foundation for himself and his leading lady  and there was no room for error. Errors would cost him everything and his everything was Sixx. I loved that he knew he had to tread carefully. I adored that he was able to comprise and I was so taken back (but in a good way) by the fact that he knew when he had over stepped the mark and would put his hands up and admit it. Stellan really is up there with my all time favourite KA men.

He knew Simone Marchesa was treading water, failing in her efforts not to go under, 
and not much caring if the current pulled her away. So the game had to be 
played not only so Stellan could drag her to safety. But so he could lift her up. 
Then at his side he’d take her to the highest peak. And once he got her there, 
she’d never, not fucking ever, look back down. She’d been held down long enough.

Now on to Sixx. Sixx was such a complex character, her demons ever present preventing her from ever really getting close to anyone. She came across as detached and indifferent but this was all a front. This was Sixx the dominatrix. 

Derna: I adored watching Stellan slowly but surely peel back the layers of Sixx to get to Simone, to help her heel and ultimately to break the chains that held her captive to her past. Stellan was about giving, giving Sixx what she didn’t know she wanted, giving her what needed and doing what he could to make Simone believe that she deserved it. So swoon worthy!!!! Like we said, Stellan really did steal the show!!!! Lol

"I could give you everything, in my case literally, and it would still be nothing."

Surj: Despite her deep rooted issues, despite her demons and despite her vulnerability, we truly saw  Sixx as a warrior. She was a survivor. She was the heroine of her own story, even if she didn’t know it just yet. And her strength and courage at taking one of the greatest risks she'd ever taken left us in awe. 

And there he was. The man of her dreams who was currently the orchestrator of her 
nightmare. A nightmare that came when you lived the dream you knew was going to die. 

Derna: Obviously in a KA book we're used to getting plenty of steam and in "The Greatest Risk: she didn’t disappoint. Their was something for everyone!!!! M/F, M/F/M and M/M Oh yes. Those  scenes were something else. They were hot, intense, sexy and eye opening but they were also passionate and Sincere. I loved the scenes between Sixx and Stellan. There was so much love, tenderness and understanding and so much emotion too. 

“He’ll go all in for you.” Aryas throwing that out there got her attention again, 
and she twisted toward him. He kept at her. “Stellan finds the one that’s worth it, 
he’ll break his back, sell his soul, work his fingers to the bone to win her and keep her.”

Surj: Expect tantatlising. Expect titilation. Expect erotic. Expect the unexpected. Expect google to become your best friend and you use your search engine to explore some of what you read!!! Lol

One thing this author does and does well is link her books to other characters from her other series and this book was no exception. We loved getting reacquainted with characters we'd grown to know and love from previous books. It was a joy to see what they had been up to and where their lives had taken them. 

Derna: I’m gutted that this series is over, But did wonder a certain trio would get their own book. 

Surj: Never say never Derna. Expect the unexpected. I would be shocked if we didn't get more. There are so many more characters that deserve to have their stories told and I for one would feel it an injustice if their stories didn't make it on to paper. 

Surj: So as you can tell we absolutely loved this one? What we will say however is, we were left a little deflated with the ending. We felt their was such a build up to more and we felt there could have been more but there wasn't. It was a bit of an anticlimax if we're being honest but that was our only gripe. 

"Thank you," she whispered.
"For what?" he asked.
"For thinking I deserve you."

Other than that though it's top marks for everything else and so we rated "The Greatest Risk" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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