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Review: Charlie M. Matthews's "The Wrong Game"
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Taylor Lawson - 

Tall, tanned, and stupidly muscular, Taylor Lawson was the definition of a bad boy–an overconfident footballer whose arrogance knew no bounds. His deep brown eyes were a thing of beauty–enough to make you want to bare your soul to him and a whole lot more. 

When his father was sent to prison, Taylor's life spiralled out of control. Everything he thought he knew was a lie, and his passion for the game to a backseat to everything else in his life. 

Wasted, and angry at the world, Taylor could see no way out. He was soon forced to realise that not everything in life was easy. But fighting your fears and taking back control was the easy part. Learning to hold on to that control would be Taylor's biggest challenge yet. 

Lola Henderson - 

After the accident that ripped her world out from underneath her feet, Lola struggled to find her place in the world again. Living through an endless nightmare, so scared and unsure of herself, and with fear playing a continuous loop, she was fighting a losing battle. 

Winslow Falls was meant to be the fresh start she needed to find herself again, but when she locked eyes with the star striker on the college football team, she knew she was done for. 

Would Lola continue to avoid the boy who made her feel things she knew was wrong? Or would fate throw them together, forcing them on to an unlikely path of friendship? 

Maybe Taylor was exactly who she needed in her life to overcome the fear that plagued her every day. 

"Two wrongs didn't make a right. But in our case they did."

Review: Jo 

This one was a freebie that sounded like my kind of read, so I clicked and was not disappointed. I enjoyed this YA standalone story of a college/school romance that contained an intriguing twist to it. I also liked that it was set in England, which changed things up a little from the previous books that I have read in this genre. 

"There was this girl—so shy and unsure of herself—quiet and timid, 
until that first stroke of heat danced upon her. 
Once lit, she would become this big force of energy 
that you couldn’t tear your eyes away from, 
never wanting to miss a single second of it. A firebox."

This story focuses on football player, Taylor and Lola, a girl who was trying to start a new life after an accident had turned her world upside down. I liked the main characters of the story a lot. Taylor had been a player and a bit of a bad boy in the past, however with Lola, I saw a whole new side to him that I loved. As usual with a YA story there was the common teenage problems, but when Taylor and Lola were together they made a lovely couple and I adored the change in Taylor. I rooted for their relationship to work every step of the way. The development of their relationship, as well as the fact that I was curious to see what would happen with Lola, kept me turning those pages and as I reached the final few chapters, I was happy with how everything came together for this young couple. 

"In reality, we shouldn’t have worked. 
But in our case, two wrongs did make a right, 
because despite the odds, we had each other and 
together we could find that balance we needed in order to survive."

If you love young adult sports romance, this one is for you. 

"The Wrong Game" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.

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