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Review: Helen Hardt's "Obsession (Steel Brothers Saga #2)."
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Jade Roberts is in love with Talon Steel but no longer welcome in his home. While she resolves to move on, she still longs for the passion she and Talon shared and when her boss asks her to dig up information on the Steels, she s only too happy to comply. Talon and his brothers are hiding something, and Jade is determined to find out what it is.

The moment Talon saw Jade he wanted her, ached for her, craved her and now his desire has become his obsession. He knows she deserves better than his broken soul, but he can t stay away from her, and he finally confesses his love. If he and Jade are to have a future, he knows he must make peace with the dark shadows and horrors of his past.

But as Talon begins his journey of healing, Jade uncovers some startling secrets.

Review: Jo

I jumped right into this one almost immediately after finishing "Craving." I was desperate to get some answers to what was happening next for Talon and Jade. This second part in the series was just as addictive as book one, but as for getting any answers, I was left with even more questions than before. I feel as though Talon and Jade have a long way to go before a HEA is in sight.

"Somewhere, stuffed into the recesses of my mind, 
did I actually think I could heal? Become worthy of her love?" 

"Obsession" continued with Talon continuing to battle with the scars from his past, however I was happy to discover that he was finally realising that he needed help to overcome his demons. I just wish that Talon would open up to Jade. Talon's horrifying flashbacks gave me an insight to what had actually happened to him and why his head was so messed up. I felt so extremely sorry for him, he came across as being so strong and sure of himself but that obviously wasn't the case. I just hoped that Talon's relationship with Jade would work out because that man needed so much love and support around him. Jade was a very busy girl as she attempted to get to the bottom of Talon's family secrets as well as trying to give her relationship with Talon another chance. It seemed as though this girl would stop at nothing to uncover any information regarding the Steel family. I only hoped that whatever she found out would not blow up in her face.

Despite their problems, Talon and Jade remained to be as hot as ever. There was one thing that this couple were great at and that was the sex; spicy hot sex!! The pair could not leave each other alone so if you love some steamy action, this series will not disappoint in that department. Talon and Jade were on fire!! As this story progresses, more and more things are revealed about Talon and his family, but there are still lots to discover before Talon and Jade can find their peace and get on with their lives, that's if their passion for one another can last out that long.

"She was like a drug I could no longer live without." 

I'm ready to jump into book three to see what happens next for Talon and Jade. It is only a matter of time before the truth is revealed and I can not wait.

"Obsession" gets 4 hearts from me.

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