Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review: Bryn Greenwoods "All the Ugly and Wonderful Things."


As the daughter of a meth dealer, Wavy knows not to trust people, not even her own parents. Struggling to raise her little brother, eight-year-old Wavy is the only responsible "adult" around. She finds peace in the starry Midwestern night sky above the fields behind her house. One night everything changes when she witnesses one of her father's thugs, Kellen, a tattooed ex-con with a heart of gold, wreck his motorcycle. What follows is a powerful and shocking love story between two unlikely people that asks tough questions, reminding us of all the ugly and wonderful things that life has to offer. 


Wow! I really don't know where to begin with this review. I am so confused on what my true opinion is about everything I have absorbed from "All the Ugly and Wonderful Things." It was a story that was thought provoking and at times difficult to read. Some of the scenes left me feeling uncomfortable and unsure if I should continue, however I had heard so many amazing things about it that I felt compelled to read on. By the time I had finished my emotions were scattered and I have found it hard it make sense of the feelings that were provoked from this intriguing novel. 

"From here on out, only you. I promise."

There is no other way to describe young Wavy's life other than tragic. Her story left me devastated. I was overwhelmed with sadness and despair and those feelings only got worse the more that I progressed through the book. Not just for Wavy but for Kellen too. My heart bled for what the pair had to deal with but I was also arguing with myself over and over again about my feelings towards Kellen and his relationship with Wavy. Deep down, I knew that the majority of his actions were wrong however I thought of how grim Wavy's life was and I truly believed that there was genuine love between the pair. So much love and I found myself clinging to that love throughout the book. 

"It's not dirty if you love me as much as I love you. 
And I love you all the way."

The story of Wavy and Kellen is definitely one that pushed my comfort zone to the point, where a day later I am still feeling a little distressed by what I read but at the same time I do not regret reading the story, even though I was utterly shocked by some of the events that played out. There is no doubt that this is a unique and beautifully written story. It is one of those books that will leave you begging for someone share your feelings with afterwards. It is certainly a book that I will never forget. 

"She'd said "hold on tight," and I held on tight. 
I knew I oughta let go of her. I couldn't." 

"All the Ugly and Wonderful Things" was a wonderful love story surrounded by a whole lot of ugly. It gets 4.5 hearts from me

*I don't normally suggest this, but in this case reading the synopsis first is a must. The story does cover a sensitive subject matter. I would not recommend reading this one if you have issues with forbidden romance or taboo subjects.*

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