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Review: Mia Asher's "Sweet Venom (Virtue # 2)."
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I fell in love with a lie …
She was beauty and destruction.
Kissing her was a tender song.
Fucking her, a wild poem.
Loving her, my downfall.
But she was mine.
Or so I thought.


I told her I wanted her body
and not her love.
I lied.


One man offered me his love.
The other, the world.
I’m falling, falling, falling …
And there’s no end in sight.

Review: Surj 

Whether you loved or loathed Blaire White in Mia Asher's "Easy Virtue," there was no denying that her character and her story got a reaction out of each and every one of us. Hers really was a character that took guts to write because more often than not, it was really difficult to like her and her actions. She drove us crazy. She infuriated us. She confused us. But then she'd go and do something that would surprise us and we'd actually start ?liking her or feeling even sorry for her... something Blaire herself would definitely not want.  To top it off, the first book in this duology really did leave us with the mother of all cliff hangers. We were shocked. Gobsmacked. Dumfounded. But there was also a little part of us that got a bit excited too because it was time to pick teams and I had absolutely picked mine and nothing, I mean nothing was not changing my mind... or would it???? 

Her kisses were deceit that tasted of the sweetest venom, 
her laugh a lure to my demise, and her body the damn devil's playground. 

So the conclusion to Blaire's story entitled "Sweet Venom" was released  which (of course) I clicked straight away and then proceeded to devour in the space of a few hours. Wow, I'm not sure what I expecting from this fast paced, pretty quick read but I was blown away by the direction it took. I thought this final instalment would be about Blaire, that cliff hanger and of course who would get the girl!!! Yes to a degree it was about all of those things but honestly, there was so much more to this story than I could have ever expected. "Sweet Venom" was about forgiveness and healing. It was about acceptance and atonement and most importantly, it was a journey of self discovery for so many characters we'd grown to know and in some instances, love. This was quite the emotional read for me and (in my opinion) even more so than "Easy Virtue." There was so much pain, hurt and sorrow. So many words said out of anger, hate and jealousy. So much regret and resentment and my heart truly did break for each and every character. Each one of them had already lost so much, whether through the current situation or in a previous life and I knew it would only get worse before it  began to get better, if that was even possible. 

The ghosts of my past haunt me whenever I look in the mirror. They walk with me.
They sleep with me. They rule my every thought and every action. 
I thought I was free, yet now I see it was just a stupid illusion.

I was so surprised by how certain events unravelled in "Sweet Venom" and completely surprised by the changes I witnessed in so many characters. The strong became vulnerable, the vulnerable became hard and uncaring and the hard and uncaring completely took a u-turn, showing feelings and emotions that melted by heart but also left me feeling saddened and conflicted. I knew the direction I wanted this story to go in and yes,  I did get a little cocky, thinking I'd got it all worked out  but then Mia Asher took decided to take a turn which had me questioning everything. In fact, right up until the end, it was touch and go and I could not read fast enough. If you think you've worked it out, believe me, think again because until the final few pages, you really will have no idea, only hope!!! 

It's a kiss full of hate and yearning. It's fire on my lips, burning them, 
burning me to the ground. It's a beautiful war. And it feels like coming home. 

This was a brilliant conclusion to what has been a fabulous story. It was gutsy that's for sure but it worked and worked so well. The writing was seamless and the words just beautiful, even when they did tear my heart out and stamp all over it. 

I rated "Sweet Venom" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

"Men don't fall in love with women like you, Blaire. 
They lose their fucking minds."

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