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Early Review Tour: EK Blair's "Hush (Black Lotus #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Early Review Tour for EK Blair's "Hush (Black Lotus #3)."


Book #3 in the Black Lotus Series.

I've come to learn there is no escaping your past.

It doesn't matter what you do, it will follow like a phantom--haunting you--reminding you.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be particularly disturbing.**

Review: Surj 

This book... this series... where do I even begin when it comes to putting pen to paper and writing a review about a story that has consumed so many of us? That has taken ahold of our emotions, our feelings and our every last nerve and held them hostage for the last couple of years? How do I even communicate my thoughts on a series that has left us gasping, in shock and on the edge of our seats with what has almost felt like a slap in the face time and time again? The Black Lotus series... this journey really has been one hell of an amazing, explosive, crazy ass ride and part of me can't believe that it's actually over. I've read the final instalment, turned the last page and devoured every single word and now I feel a little empty... a little hollow and I can absolutely understand why tears were shed by this wonderful author when she said her final farewells to the characters that have taken over her life (and ours for that matter) for so long. 

We are monsters and lovers, animals and killers, 
but nothing can extinguish what we have when we're together. 

In "Hush," EK Blair really did give us the perfect conclusion to Elizabeth's story. It was the right ending and for that, I can't thank this author enough. There was so much I loved about this book and in particular the last few chapters, so much that made it feel almost realistic and believable and I think that (in part) is what had me reading this book in one go!!! 

For me, the tone of "Hush" felt a little different to "Bang" and "Echo." Both of these two books were high energy and fast paced, with our hearts pounding with ever of turn of every page, the "not knowing which way the story would go" almost killing us with nervous anticipation. Don't get me wrong, I didn't get away with it completely scot free. Oh please... this is EK Blair we are talking about!!! There were still those thrills, spills the curveballs that left me gobsmacked. And don't forget the revelations that left me my jaw dropping and those heart stopping moments that had my palms sweaty and had shivers running down my spine. But overall, this final journey to a ?HEA felt almost quieter as characters tried to come to terms with all they had been through, all they had endured and all they had done. No one was guilt free. No one character had less blood on their hands but what transpired in "Hush" really did feel like a natural progression to the story that was being told. 

He's the only one that can numb me. He's safety. He's constant. He's my painkiller. 

"Hush" was a book that saw so many changes in the characters. I saw them evolve and morph, showing me sides to their personalities I never could have imagined existed. I saw vulnerability in those who had always been a force to be reckoned with and fear and weakness in those who had always appeared courageous, strong and confident. On top of that, I found my feelings towards certain characters change too. At the start of this series, we had all taken sides... Bennett, Declan or Pike!!!! I had made my choice and I was sticking to it. However, this book really did make me soften towards those that I hadn't particularly liked or cared for initially and I actually found myself suddenly drawn to certain individuals and flying their flag. (Who'd have thought, right?) 

We're serpents who feed off one another for sole survivorship.
We're everything love is meant to be. 

In this final instalment, loyalties continued to be questioned and tested and of course the lies and deception were never far away but this time, motives had changed and it was no longer just about revenge. There was so much more at stake and so much more to lose. The question was, would any of the characters we'd grown to know and love come out on top. Would anyone actually be a winner???? 

"You need to trust me enough to take care of you. I won't ever let you break. Do you trust me?"
I nod again. 
"Tell Me."
"I trust you." Another lie. 

The "Black Lotus" series is one that I won't forget in a long time. In fact I can imagine readers will still talk about it (with the same passion they do today), in years to come. The writing, the words, the characters, the risks this author took when giving us Elizabeth's story. Honestly, I take my hat off to EK Blair because she really did go where other authors would definitely hesitate. Was it a risk worth taking? Absolutely because she had the readers eating out of the palm of her hand. We just couldn't get enough. She toyed with our hearts and minds, made us question right and wrong and still had us coming back for more!!! And why wouldn't we? My mind has officially been blown by "Bang, Echo and Hush" and now I'm off for some therapy... lol. 

I rated this final instalment in the "Black Lotus" series ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

He's the creation of my monstrosity, forever changed as a result of my demented soul.
He fell in love with the devil when he fell in love with me. 

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