Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Review: Zara Cox's "Freefall (The Indigo Lounge #5)"


Keely Benson:

Nineteen. The age I threw my life away.

Twenty-Five. The age I decided to try it a second time.

Twenty-Five plus one day. The age Benedict Mason Sinclair III walked into my life.

Mason Sinclair III:

She was a curse. 

A sex bomb. 

A perfect reminder that not having a heart was the best choice I ever made.


Having read all of the previous books in this series, I was looking forward to starting this one. Once again, Zara did not disappoint. I loved Keely and Mason's story. For this instalment I was moved away from the sex planes into an exciting cruise liner. The indigo lounge had moved to the ocean on a ship like no other. Hands up who wants a ticket? Lol. 

When Keely and Mason first met there was an instant spark between the pair but there was also a hell of a lot of angst, so as you can imagine the couples beginning was not all hearts and flowers. I really liked both of the main characters, especially Keely. She was fiery and confident with a nobody-messes-with-me vibe about her. When she met the arrogant and domineering Mason Sinclair, the pair fought like cat and dog, however despite the pair appearing to hate each other, their chemistry was off the charts. Both Keely and Mason were also hiding mysterious pasts which had me intrigued from the start. As soon as I discovered what each of them had been through, I realised that everything about Keely and Mason's behaviour made sense. 

There's something..compelling about her. Something I should probably walk away from. 
Maybe I'm drawn to her turmoil because I have the same storm raging inside of me. 
The need to smash, destroy, roar is a never-ending buzz beneath my skin. 

I anticipated an extremely hot story with Keely and Mason and I couldn't wait to see their relationship play out. Once the sexy pair had worked through the tension between them, they spent many a blissful and orgasmic time together on board the sex ship. I loved Keely and Mason as a couple and they were so damn hot. It's been a while since I have read something as steamy as a Zara Cox novel. This author always delivers when it comes to the nookie. Keely and Mason were most definitely rockin' the boat. Haha! I also have to say how sexy I found the name Mason Sinclair, I was turned on just reading his name! 

"You're not going to leave, We both know that. So unzip my pants, 
take my cock out and stroke it. Or you don't get fucked."

This was another enjoyable read in the "Indigo Lounge" series. Not only was it fabulously erotic but it was also brilliantly written and contained an engaging plot. I truly feel that Zara Cox deserves more love from the book world. Her stories are jam packed full of everything that I love. If you looking to try a new author, I highly recommend picking up this series. To avoid spoilers start with the first book "High", you are going to love it! 

"I want you, Mason. Beyond today. Beyond tomorrow. 
Maybe that makes me vulnerable, but I don't care. I want you." 

"Freefall" gets  ❤️❤️❤️❤️   from me. 

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