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Review: Kirsty- Anne Still's "Trigger (The Pericolo Series)."

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I used to watch her through the lights. I watched as her body turned and twisted as she morphed into my siren. 

I wanted her—I craved every ounce of Ryleigh Turner. But I knew once I had her, all I would do was corrupt every inch of her pretty little soul. 

Valentinos aren't made for tales of love. We star in the horror stories you fear.

We're the monsters that make you scared to ever hope again.

It's time that she realises that.


He's watched me for months, given me every reason to allow my curiosity to start killing me slowly.

He makes the world melt away; he makes me want to throw all my inhibitions away and greet him personally. But every time the music ends and the lights lift, he vanishes, crushing my hopes.

Until one day, a moment of chance happens.

How does a man like Dante Valentino cope with a woman as messed up as me?


I let him have every inch of my tainted soul.


Not all love stories have a beautiful start. 
Some just need a perfect trigger.

Review: Surj

I feel like I've been hiding under a rock somewhere for the last three years because Kirsty-Anne Still's "Trigger" is the first mafia romance I've read since my passion for reading was reignited ... shock... horror I know. I feel like I've really been missing out because this was one hell of a read that I was completely engrossed in from start to finish.  Dante Valentino and Ryleigh Turner's story was fab. It felt realistic and believable (not that I'm an expert on mob life you understand.. lol ) but having watched the likes of The Godfather, Goodfella's, Casino etc, what unraveled before me felt authentic (for want of a better word). This book was bloody, gory and brutal and honestly, it took no prisoners when it came to some of the more graphic scenes. Nothing was out of bounds and yes, there were times were I felt myself wince and squirm at what I was reading because unfortunately, I could see it all playing out in my mind... lol. But this wasn't just about the mafia. It wasn't just about hitmen and horrific scenes of torture, it wasn't just about murder and maiming. Nope, if you rummaged around, there was a love story there somewhere. However, the characters were not going to make that aspect as easy as I would have liked. 

I've wanted to know this type of woman my entire life- a breath of fresh air 
in my catastrophic life. And while I crave her, I know I can never have her. 

Dante and Ryleigh's connection had me laughing, crying, frustrated and even angry at times. There was so much push and pull, to-ing and fro-ing, Would they? Wouldn''t they? Dante's mission was to bring Ryleigh to the dark side, show her his worst and ultimately break her. Ryleigh however, was so much stronger than I had thought. She took to Dante's world like a duck to water, embracing everything he threw at her... and trust me, what he showed her was bad but she revelled in his life style and basked in the glory of what she found herself doing.... crazy girl. She really did give as good as she got and I honestly thought Dante had met his match. However, having got to know Ryleigh and having got to know a bit about her past, I knew that it wasn't this side of Dante that would lead to her demise. It would be the emotional side. Dante didn't do love. He didn't do like or lust or feelings. He fucked and that was that but Ryleigh needed more and I sensed that from the minute the couple clapped eyes on each other. Dante would ultimately break her but it was be her heart that he would smash to smithereens and that left me devastated for her. 

Corruption is beauty. It's a freeing of your soul that you cannot resist. Like carnal 
temptation begging you to sin for the very first time. That's what Ryleigh is to me- 
a delicious sin with a beating heart so loud I feel as if I've found my siren. 

Dante's character was one that I admit, I didn't 100% warm to and I think the reasons why are pretty obvious. His treatment of Ryleigh  left me gobsmacked and his words at times were so cruel and hurtful, I wanted to give him a swift kick to the nuts. Ryleigh's character however I loved. Her strength and resilience left me in awe and her come backs and quick retorts were brilliant. This girl did not take crap off anyone including Dante Valentino... until feelings got involved and that's when I started to see a character shift in her. I could see him sucking the very life out of her and all I could do was hope and pray that something would happen that would make her fight back. 

"Destiny is a dance with fate. Some days you have to choose to fight it,
and others you have to go with the rhythm."

As much as I loved the story line for "Trigger" and the subplots which added to the action and drama (of which there was an abundance), the writing for me was hit and miss. For a book that has been published, there were spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, words in the wrong order etc which I found distracting. However, this author has a beautiful way with words that had me feeling so much of what was written. It was almost poetic... enchanting and it definitely had me captivated. 

So all in all, a great start to my mafia romance reading. "Trigger" was an action packed, drama filled, edge of your seat romance that I would definitely recommend. I rated it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Everything I touch turns to dust, but you... you turned to gold."

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