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Release Day Review: Kate Baxter's "The Last True Vampire (Last True Vampire)."

Release Day Review: Kate Baxter's "The Last True Vampire (Last True Vampire)." 

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As Michael’s eyes lit on a female not twenty feet away, he knew without a doubt that it was her blood that called to him and her scent that had awakened him.This female had tethered his soul and returned it to him.

Soul Survivor

He is the last of his race. The one true king of the vampires. Michael Aristov roams the nightclubs of L.A. after dark, haunted by his past and driven by his hunger. The last of the Ancient Ones, he alone has survived the destruction of his race at the hands of the slayers. Now he is forced to hunt and feed like a common vampire, a creature of lust. Nothing in this world can fulfill his needs…until he meets a woman who’s everything he’s ever wanted. And more.

Sweet Salvation

Her name is Claire Thompson. Her blood is so sweet, so intoxicating—the smell alone draws Michael to her like a moth to the flame. Sly, sexy, and seductive, Claire seems to be the only mortal who can satisfy his craving and seal his fate…forever. Can she be trusted? From their very first kiss, the last true vampire sweeps Claire into a world in which darkness rules desire—and where falling in love is the greatest danger of all…


"Our souls are tethered, love. Irrevocably braided into a single thread."

I loved the sound of this book ever since I first heard about it via social media, and before you say it, It had nothing to do with the hot cover whatsoever! Lol! As soon as I got the opportunity, I got stuck in, excited for some steamy vampire action. If you love a good, sexy paranormal read, you are going to love this one. 

As inexplicable as it may have seemed, he was tethered. 
His soul had found it's twin and this human belonged to him.

"The Last True Vampire" was all about Michael Aristov, who was indeed the last vampire of his kind. Michael was living a lonely existence with the threat of his enemies always close by. When Michael stumbled upon Claire, their connection was impossible to resist, but obviously with Claire being human, this would cause a bunch of problems and Claire would have to live her life surrounded by darkness and danger. Claire's life really was turned upside down by meeting Michael. 

"You belong to me as surely as I am bound to you. 
And that knowledge will be my undoing as surely as any stake driven into my heart." 

I loved both of the main characters in this story. Michael was a big, beastly vampire with a beautiful heart. When he met Claire, he had at last found someone to live for. She truly brightened up his dark world and gave him hope for a happier future. I fell in love with Michael when I saw how lovingly he treated Claire. There is something so extra special with the way that a vampire falls in love. They are all so hot and passionate, and will protect their mate so fiercely. Their love consumes them. Male Vampires are the epitome of alpha and because I go crazy for an alpha man, I know that if I ever bumped into a vampire I would happily offer my throat to him! Lol. 

"No male save me will ever touch you, taste you, 
enjoy the pleasure of your body. You are mine, Claire. My mate."

Claire's life was pretty grim. She too was living alone with no family and very few friends. Claire was struggling through life so meeting Michael brought some much needed excitement into her world. I loved how Claire first reacted to meeting Michael. She made me laugh out loud when she was attempting to make sense of how Michael displayed vampire like features. She was so funny. Claire was a really likeable character. I loved watching her progression from the moment that realisation hit her to the moment when she began to embrace her true feelings for Michael and her place in the underworld. To be fair, she never really had a choice. 

"What am I to you? You know, besides meals on wheels."
"What are you to me? Claire, you are everything." 

This book was a brilliant read, it was everything I expected a vampire story to be and more. It was smokin' hot, passionate, exciting and dangerous. It was fantastically written, with an engaging plot. I was easily transported into the dark and deadly underworld and loved every minute of being there. I also loved getting to know the other characters in this story and I am already looking forward to reading Ronan's book. This story can also be read as a standalone, although if you are like me you will want to continue with the series. I can't wait for more! 

"Not until now, not until this moment, have I known what it is to truly love something." 

"The Last True Vampire" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me.

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