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Review: J A Huss' "Wasted Lust."

Review: J A Huss' "Wasted Lust."
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A girl with regrets… 
Sasha Cherlin died the night she let Nick Tate walk out on her for a life of crime. Her very essence was destroyed when they broke their promise to one another.

A man with remorse… 
Nick Tate made his choice with her future in mind. He loved Sasha enough to know that leaving her behind was the only way to keep her safe.

A path to revenge… 
Special Agent Jax Barlow understands the bond of love and he plans to use it to get justice. Nick and Sasha will do anything to rewrite their past. He’s counting on that to bring them down.


Wasted Lust is a standalone full-length romantic suspense filled with lies, secrets, and the power of redemption by the New York Times bestselling author, JA Huss.

Review: Surj

So this is only the second book by JA Huss that i've read and I can hand on heart say, the more I read by this author, the more I desperately want to read her back catalogue of work. "Wasted Lust" was just brilliant and had me intrigued right from the outset. The synopsis had me hooked and from the minute I was introduced to Sasha and Jax, I was captivated by this crazy game of cat and mouse. The question was, who was the cat and who was the mouse? 

"I'm not here to rip your world apart, Sasha. I'm here to put it back together."

Although not as dark as "Three, Two, One," Jax and Sasha's story was still full to the brim of mystery and suspense, where I desperately tried to work out who was lying and who was telling the truth, who was manipulating and and who was double crossing and ultimately, who the goodie was and who the baddie was. This book was definitely not as straight forward as the synopsis lead me to believe and nothing, and I mean nothing was quite as it seemed. There appeared to be an ulterior motive for everything but what would happen when feelings started getting involved and walls that had been carefully constructed over the years came tumbling down? 

There were so many dimensions to "Wasted Lust." So many layers to peel back but with each layer came a whole host of questions, not only about the characters but also about their past and the "company" as a whole. Although this can be read as a standalone, I really wish I'd read the previous books because there were times I felt like I was a little late to the party, trying to get to know everyone and their stories (and trust me, there were a lot of stories that piqued my interest). This didn't ruin my enjoyment of Sasha and Jax's story, but just left me craving more knowledge. 

And I'm dying, Jax. “I’m dying of loneliness. 

I ‘m drowning in a sea of shattered dreams and wasted lust.” 

Sasha's character blew me away. In one breath, she was this feisty, fiery, quick tongued assassin who had killed many times over and won't think twice at doing it again. But there was another side to her... a side that craved being normal. Where she wanted to be able to do all the things other people her age had done... have normal friends, fall in love, have a social life. but instead, Sasha had never felt more alone and that left me so sad. Jax was a character I immediately warmed to and I absolutely loved his charming, persistent and often very funny ways. He wormed his way into Sasha's life, never lying about what he wanted from her but equally offering the hand of friendship she desperately craved. But so many times I couldn't help but wonder which way this story would go. The synopsis lead me to believe one thing, the story itself lead me to believe another and as for the title of the book (Wasted Lust), well that just added to my befuddlement... lol. This one will leave you guessing for quite some time. 

"You want something real? If you walk out on me tomorrow, Sasha, 
I will never recover. That's something real."

There were so many elements to "Wasted Lust," and I don't think I could fit it into one particular genre. There was mystery, suspense, murder and treachery. But there was also love, lust and broken promises, each playing their part in how this story unfolded. This was such a gripping, captivating, emotionally charged read and to say that I was going through a bit of a book funk but read this whilst on a weekend away with my husband kinda says it all... I couldn't put this book down!!! The writing was impeccable, the characters intriguing and the storyline addictive. I cannot wait to delve into the other books by this author. I have a feeling, she will be moving up my automatic one click author list very quickly.

I rated "Wasted Lust" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We are love in slow motion. We move as one, leaving the darkness behind,
where it belongs, and becoming the light.

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