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Review: Tara Sue Me's "The Enticement (Submissive #4)."

Review: Tara Sue Me's "The Enticement (Submissive #4)." 

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Limits were made to be pushed.

Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…

Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …


I was bound not only by rope, but with bonds of love 
and trust and a promise that would last forever.

Well, this book has left me feeling completely confused! I began the story excited and happy to be reunited with Abby and Nathaniel but as I reached the final page, I was left feeling exactly the opposite. I am not saying that I didn't enjoy the story because I did. It was another brilliant instalment to the series and I hardly put my kindle down once I began reading, however I just didn't enjoy how the story ended and how things were left between Abby and Nathaniel. 

The forth visit to Abby and Nathaniel's world began so beautifully. Abby and Nathan had been together for seven years and they were happily married with two young children. Life was good. I have always been fascinated with the couple's BDSM world and I couldn't wait to find out how the they were incorporating the lifestyle into their lives now that they had young children and all of the challenges that brought. I loved how Abby and Nathaniel were able to do this. For the majority of the story everything was going perfectly for the couple. I loved discovering the ways in which they made their relationship work and how in love they remained. Abby and Nathaniel were still hugely attracted to one another and their spark remained fully lit. 

When he looked at me the way he currently was, with love and desire 
and passion so evident in his expression, I'd walk across oceans for him.

I have to say that I found this book to be the sexiest of the series so far. Now that Abby and Nathaniel had been together for many years, they were so comfortable with one another and as such were able to explore every sexual fantasy that they had together. Nothing was taboo for this couple. As Abby and Nathaniel acted out their kinky desires together, my kindle was on fire. It made for some red hot reading. Get those oven gloves ready because you will need them to hold your kindle. It is that hot!! 

One look at you and all anyone is going to think is dirty fucking sex. 
Depending on how this evening goes, maybe I'll show you just how dirty I can be.

Once I had reached the half way point of the story, I began to think how well everything was going for Abby and Nathaniel. I was enjoying everything that I read and I was delighted to see that the couple's relationship was working. They were truly living a blissful life. Just as I was having these thoughts something happened that I was not expecting and caused my stomach to drop and my palms to sweat. Suddenly, things were not so perfect and this made me sad. This was when my feelings for the couple began to change. I felt angry and frustrated with how the couple handled their situation. I thought that Abby was beginning to be a bit of a doormat for Nathaniel to walk all over. She was allowing Nathaniel so much control over her life and it made me angry that she was allowing this to happen. I was once again questioning the BDSM lifestyle and although I continue to be intrigued by all things BDSM, I know that I could not be a submissive. My reaction to what happened in this book, made me realise this. I would have dealt with everything in a entirely different way. 

"Damn you, Abby. Damn you for what you do to me. You are everything to me and 
part of me dies when I think you don't trust me. I'd never do anything to hurt you." 

Going back to the story, although I enjoyed it, I can't help but feel that Abby and Nathaniel's world was not as perfect as it was in the beginning and I wondered if there was still something going on. Maybe I am a little too suspicious but there was something about Nathaniel that I could no longer trust. My feelings for him have changed considerably during this story and I am a little apprehensive as to what lies ahead for the couple in "The Collar" . As this story was written completely from Abby's POV it was impossible for me to know exactly what Nathaniel's true thoughts and feelings were. I so wish that the author had added a few chapters from Nathaniel's perspective. Maybe this would have eased my concerns about him. 

"You think I don't know what you want? What you need? 
You're due for a sound thrashing and a long hard fuck." 

"The Enticement" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from me! 

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