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Review: Karen Erickson's "Endless Nights (Vegas Nights # 2)".

Review: Karen Erickson's "Endless Nights (Vegas Nights # 2)". 


The sex is crazy good. Is it crazier to want something more?

Andrea and her two best friends have shed their nurses’ scrubs for a long-awaited weekend in Las Vegas, and nothing—flight delays, lost luggage, or the slightly weird guy with the sketchy invite to an exclusive bash—is going to stop their fun.

Within minutes of arriving at the opulent party, she’s deep in conversation with gorgeous, funny Luke Nelson, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. For some crazy reason, he can’t seem to keep his eyes—or hands—off her.

Luke isn’t looking for a hookup, he just wants to relax…until he gets one look at the classy brunette in the barely there dress. One minute they’re talking, the next they’re all over each other in a dark corner. It’s like he’s an addict and she’s the fix he’s been searching for all his life.

One night of hot sex isn’t nearly enough. But after a weekend spent never more than a few inches apart, the time is quickly approaching when they’ll have to make a long-distance relationship work—or break it off.

Warning: A lady who wants to go a little wild, a good-guy pro athlete who likes a little sass with his class, crazy good sex, and a crazy ex. 

Review-Jo Rushton

What a deliciously sweet and swoony read this was. I loved it so much that I devoured the whole book in one sitting. I just couldn't stop reading! In this second part of the "Vegas Nights" series it was time to discover what Andrea had gotten up to in Las Vegas and boy, did she have good night!! 

Okay, no, she never, ever did things like this. It was so wrong. 
Rubbing on a strange man she just met. Letting him put his hands and tongue on her. 
She wasn't that kind of girl.

Andrea seemed to be a sweet, down to earth kinda girl. A girl who had chosen her nursing career over boys and she was definitely not the type that was used to attending A-list celebrity parties. So there she was, feeling completely out of her comfort zone when hunky football player, Luke Nelson headed her way. Andrea was suddenly feeling a lot more excited about the party! 

She knew it was going to be good. So, so freaking 
good that she'd probably never forget it. Ever.

Luke was completely smitten with Andrea. It was lust at first sight and he was soon dragging her away to find a dark corner to have his wicked way. But was Luke a typical footballer? Was he the love'em and leave'em type of guy? Could the lovely Andrea trust her heart with Luke? The answer was a big fat yes!!! OMG!! Luke was just gorgeous. Not only was he extremely sexy but he was amazing in bed to and he was so sweet and dreamy. This guy was the whole package. Luck Nelson was yet another book boyfriend from this author that made me swoon!!! 

"I'd chase after you, wherever you are, just to keep you in my life. You know this, right?" 

This book was a steamy, romantic and feel good story that was an instant pick me up. It will leave you feeling all kinds of giddy and with a big cheesy grin on your face. It definitely did me! I am really loving this series so far and with one more instalment to go, I can't wait to for Natalie's story. I have a feeling it won't be as straight forward at the other girls romantic adventures. 

This story is part of the "Vegas Nights" series and I would recommend that you read the books in series order to avoid spoilers. 

"Endless Nights" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  from me! 

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