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Review: Mia Asher's "Easy Virtue (Virtue # 1)."

Review: Mia Asher's "Easy Virtue (Virtue # 1)."

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Love is selfish...

My name is Blaire.
I'm the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I'm the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.
I hate myself too...

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?

Review: Kirsty

I would have liked this so much more if it wasn't for Blaire... Oops.

This story, like everything Mia Asher seems to write, packs a punch. It pretty much reaches in to your heart and gives it a good old squeeze, and not in a good way. Her words hurt. Blaire is one of the most complex characters I've read about, and yet so simple too. Coming from a background where she isn't used to love, thanks to her uncaring parents, she feels like she in turn doesn't deserve love. I understood her pain and I understood why she was as she was, but I also hated to read about it.

"Many say that love will set you free, but I disagree ... love is a cage, a very 
painful one; it's gilded bars made with yearing, heartache, and unfulfilled dreams."

Blaire's life revolves around one thing - money. She loves the finer things in life, and her way of achieving that is to sleep with the richest men she can find. No feelings, no thoughts, no love. Simple. Until she meets Ronan.. Gah, I loved Ronan from the off!

Ronan isn't like any of the other men she has ever been with. He isn't made of money, he doesn't go crazy over the finer things in life, and nor does he resemble, in any way, the men Blaire is used to. But there's something there - an attraction that both terrifies and excites her. And that's exactly why Blaire ruins the first good thing that's ever happened to her, which in turn, made me so freaking mad and dislike her a lot. Ronan gave her everything she could want - minus the material things - and she threw it all back in his face, in the world possible way. I honestly started to skim at this point because I couldn't stand to read her self-sabotage. 

"Babe, listen to me and listen carefully. 
If you're in trouble, I'm fxcked. I was a goner the moment you smiled at me. 
I don't think I've ever wanted someone as much as I want you."

After the major-mishap on Blaire's part, I got so in to the book and was dying to read on and see how it's resolved when.. BAM. It ends. On a cliffhanger! GAH. I had no idea that a) it was going to be a series, and b) that it would be a cliffhanger. Had I known, I may have waited until the sequel was out, to save myself the annoyance. I don't regret reading, but I am eager to get to the next instalment. And *fingers crossed* see Blaire change her ways and finally realise she is worthy of love, of Ronan's love.

I rated "Easy Virtue" ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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