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Review: Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher's "Never Never."

Review: Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher's "Never Never."
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Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.

He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.

Review: Surj

I love a cryptic blurb. It calls to my curious side, begging me to turn the first page of a book so that I can start working my way through (what is usually) the mother of all puzzles. And this (Colleen Hoover and Tarry Fisher's first joint project entitled "Never Never") had me itching at the bits. The vagueness of the synopsis and the mention of (what sounded like) a tragically flawed love story had me sold and so I delved right in. 

It's frightening not knowing who you are- 
even more frightening thinking you'll get it wrong. 

To say the first few pages left me gob smacked is an understatement because I honestly felt like I had been thrown into some weird parallel universe. There was no prologue, no gentle introduction to the story.... nope... it was just BAM and I was right there in the middle of what felt like the twilight zone. I struggled to make sense of what I was reading and the constant stream of questions that popped up into my head left my brain cells working over time. What the hell was this? I wasn't getting it... I didn't understand... I felt confused.... befuddled And then the penny suddenly dropped...  I was actually feeling every single emotion the two main characters were going through.... I wasn't alone. I felt as lost as Charlie and Silas were and that made me all the more determined to get this whole thing figured out. Uhhmmm.... well let's just say, answers weren't so easy to come by and by the time I turned the last page, along with a pure genius "WTF" moment (which I absolutely loved), unfortunately I was still no closer to finding out what the what's, who's, when's, why's and where's. Gah (but in the best possible way).

It feels like I'm wondering around a pitch-black room, searching for the light switch.

Charlie and Silas' journey was one full to the brim of mystery and suspense, a bit of something I'm not sure how to define (paranormal doesn't seem quite right) and of course romance (which had the butterflies in my belly doing a happy dance). And as I got to know each character (through chapters told from alternate POV), I knew I wanted to be a part of their journey. The constant stream of revelations had me excited and as information about each of their pasts came to light, I'd already made up my mind as to the direction I wanted this story to take... lol. I couldn't help it and I have a sneaky suspicion each of you will follow suit. 😉

We have so many questions piled up at this point, it feels as though the pile is about to 
collapse and bury us in everything but answers. 

I'm so glad I persevered with "Never Never" because it was bloody brilliant. What I will say is, this isn't your run of the mill story, it's something entirely different, unique and unpredictable and if you start this book and get a niggling feeling it might not be quite right for you, please, please, please persevere because I can honestly say, I'm so glad I did .. I loved it and cannot wait for the next instalment. 

Never stop. Never forget. 

I rated "Never Never" ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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