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Blog Tour: Rachel Van Dyken's "Shame (Ruin #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour for Rachrel Van Dyken's "Shame (Ruin #3)."

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Everything done in darkness, will eventually be brought into the light.

I ran, but all it did was keep me one step ahead of my past. I tried to start over; new name, new identity. But you can't change your soul.
A fresh start at college was just what I needed. For a while, it worked. I was the party girl, the one that seemed confident, but it was a lie.
When guys kissed me--I felt only pain. 
When they touched me--Nothing but fear.

Deep inside, every girl wants to be the beauty in the story, to find someone that will see you as their world. 
But the truth? I was the beast. And as much as I wanted redemption, I wasn't fool enough to think I'd ever get it. 
Until he walked into my life.

I wasn't prepared to fall for someone. My scars were too deep, the wounds too raw. But he offered me peace, he offered me security. I should have known it was just another lie--I should have known that falling in love with my professor was a bad idea.
But I was powerless to stop myself from falling. 
And he was powerless to catch me.

Because the darkness finally caught up to me, and as fate would have it, a cruel twist almost bled me dry. But I'm stronger than I knew. I'm stronger than you think.
You think you know my story, but you don't....after all everyone has Shame in their lives-- and I'm no longer afraid to show you mine.

Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

Mystery and suspense are two elements in a book that absolutely have me clawing at the pages, my inquisitive side always getting the better of me, my desperation to uncover the missing parts of the puzzle so strong that more often than not, I'll pull an all nighter just so that I get the answers I crave. Even my husband knows better than to interrupt me when I get that crazed look in my eyes... don't judge ladies.. we all do it!!! 

"The broken pieces are the prettiest ones, Lisa. The demons the proudest scars."

So what happens when you pick up a book and figure out the direction the story line will take very early on? What happens when the element of surprise is gone? Well, for me that was the case when I read Rachel Van Dyken's "Shame" but it honestly didn't matter because this book was just brilliant and I was 100% emotionally invested in Lisa's story. It wasn't about what was going to happen because that wasn't difficult to work out and to be honest, I don't think it was the author's intention to keep that information hidden. It was there plain as day for her readers to work out. Instead, it was about the why's, when's and who's, the story line so intricately woven, the tangled web of secrets, lies and deceit so strong, I was desperate to watch it all unravel and see the effect it would have on the characters and the dynamics of their relationships.  The thing about secrets is, they never stay hidden for long and the past always has a habit of catching up with you and that was absolutely the case here. 

Unfortunately, the thing about running, the thing about trying to start over- 
eventually that hope is dashed by your past coming up to greet you like the fires of hell. 

"Shame" was different than the previous two books in the series in that the tone was much darker, it was more twisted, f**ked up for want of a better word and within the first few chapters, I realised why Lisa had up sticks and left all she had ever known behind, giving herself a new identity and a fresh start. It also went a long way in explaining the over protective nature of her best friend Gabe. Ah the penny finally dropped and I got it!!! Lisa's story left me feeling saddened, devastated and even scared at one point. It was like watching a thriller... you know the one's where you know exactly what's going to happen but your helpless to do anything about it but in the same breath, you're also unable to look away?  Yup, that pretty much summed up this book for me. 

Hearts don't make sounds when they break, but there's pain- God, is there pain. One minute 
you're find and you're able to breathe, able to feel blood pump through your veins. And the 
next minute? You're unable to focus on anything but the tightness in your chest as the 
world falls from under your feet and takes your heart right along with it. 

Rachel Van Dyken gave me a whole host of new characters in "Shame", some lovable, some likable, some frightening the ever loving life out of me and then there was one who just plain and simple gave me the creeps. Lisa's character was one I'd grown to really like over the course of this series and in this book, my heart shattered for her. Her back story was ugly (pure and simple). Not surprisingly, it had moulded her into the person she had become... broken beyond belief, full of guilt and remorse and I completely understood why. I really wanted Tristan to be the one who fixed her, put her back together, help her overcome all that she had been through but he was harboring his own secrets and initially, I really struggled with his character. What were his motives? It appeared he had his own hidden agenda and although I knew what that was, I also knew the consequences had the potential to shatter Lisa. And Taylor... he started off this dark, twisted story and honestly, getting into his mind sent chills down my spine, an overwhelming sense of fear at what he was capable of consuming me. 

I loved what she made me feel. I loved that instead of being afraid of me, she fed the beast. 
She fed me more than my heroine addiction, more than coke, more than the girls, the fast cars.
She filled me temporarily but I knew it would come to and end someday. 
She had a conscience, whereas I did not, and I'd have to change tactics with her.  

"Shame" was a fantastic ending to what has been an amazing series. The story line for Lisa's book was different, unique, a breath of fresh air and I really struggled to put it down. The writing was truly engaging and a true reflection of the tone and mood of this book. I felt the pain, sorrow, mind f**kery and fear that was reflected in the story line and that's what made this final book so good. "Shame" also concluded Gabe and Wes's stories with an epilogue that was just perfect. I've enjoyed every single book in this series and am gutted it's come to an end. A job well done Rachel Van Dyken. I rated "Shame" 4.5 Hearts 

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I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against hers. A shaky breath escaped her lips. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Are you trying to prepare me or ask permission?” she whispered, her voice beckoning me like a siren’s call. 

“Both.” My lips hovered near hers. “I figure it’s only fair.” 

“Fair?” She pulled back slightly. “How so?” 

“Ten thousand.” I angled my head and watched the pulse jump on her neck. “That’s how many nerve endings, on average, are in your lips. Consequently, when your body anticipates pleasure, the build-up is the best part. Imagine, those ten thousand nerves are swelling, allowing blood to surge through them in anticipation of… what?” I swept my tongue across her lower lip and whispered, “Of being touched. I ask permission, not because I’m being a gentleman. It’s actually the complete opposite. I ask permission so your brain anticipates the pleasure before I’ve ever even touched you.” 

I tasted her lower lip again and abruptly dipped my tongue into her mouth. Then just as quickly retreated. “The human body is an instrument. Know how to master it… and well…” I let my voice drop as I moved my hands slowly to her shoulders and tugged her body flush against mine. Our mouths met softly at first. I deepened the kiss, memorizing her taste, knowing I wouldn’t experience a kiss like this again in my lifetime. The way her scent, her soft moans destroyed my body, wrecked me from the deepest part of me, was nothing short of life-altering. 

And I’d like to think I’d kissed a lot of women. 

I’d studied the psychology of sexuality. 

I was an expert in pleasure. 

But she was schooling me, absolutely wreaking havoc on every logical thought as her soft whimper cascaded over me. Blood surged through my body as it tightened with awareness at her proximity. 

She pulled back, her lips swollen. “That was… not a good enough warning.” 

Laughing softly, I cupped the back of her head and gently drew it toward mine and kissed her again, angling my lips differently, searching her, consuming her, drawing pleasure from her lips as if it was my life goal to discover every single secret she owned. 

Her arms wrapped around my neck. She was shy; she didn’t push against me, didn’t wrap her legs around me or moan into my mouth like I was having sex with her rather than kissing her. 

My hands moved down her corset to her hips, and I lifted her into the air and walked her backward toward the brick wall. The whole time, our masks collided. In frustration, I ripped hers off, then mine. The shadows of moonlight hid our faces as I kissed her harder, losing myself in her. 

Her nails dug at the back of my neck as she jerked my head harder. Groaning, I let her fall to the ground as I placed my hands on the brick wall to keep myself from ripping the dress from her body. 

Shouting started from the ballroom. 

“Ten, nine…!” 

“Eight,” I whispered against her mouth. “Seven.” 

“Six.” She sighed, her breathing labored as her tongue found mine again. “Five.” 

“Four, three.” I pulled back and trailed kisses down her neck. 


We broke apart, both breathing heavy. “One.” 

People burst out onto the balcony as the fireworks started, lighting up the sky. And our faces. 

And the only thing I could say as she gasped in horror was “Oh, shit.”

Displaying RachelAuthorheadshot.jpgAuthor Bio:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey atL

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