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Release Blitz & Giveaway: Evie Harper's "You Loved Me At My Darkest (You Loved Me #1)".

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Release Blitz & Giveaway for Evie Harper's "You Loved Me At My Darkest (You Loved Me #1)". 



Ripped from Heaven, Burned in Hell. Caught and caged in beauty. Beauty comes at a cost. One man holds the key to our survival, to our freedom. Find out how I lived and lost the greatest thing on earth.



I didn't see her coming and that will be my downfall. She will ruin me, take everything from me, and give me everything I can't have. I can't help her. I won't. She is innocence. She is strength. She is my piece of heaven in hell.

I’m not letting her go.

Review-Jo Rushton

The synopsis for "You Loved me at my Darkest" definitely caught my interest and I was eager to find out more. This was a dark read and yes, I do enjoy delving into books that push the boundaries a little so I had a feeling I'd enjoy this one... lucky me because I bloody loved it. It was brilliant. If you love a dark romance, then this is absolutely a book for you. 

Lilly was a fun loving girl with a promising future but it hadn't always been that way. Having been through some pretty tough times, she'd made it through to the other side and was now ready to live her life to the fullest. However, the prologue (very quickly) made me aware of a darkness that was approaching and I dreaded what was going to happen to this lovable girl. Lilly was facing a nightmare of the worst kind and knowing there was no escape for her left me heart broken. 

I crawl into the dark corners of my mind, darkness where I can be untouchable. 

Numbness is my best friend, and I hope it never leaves me.

Jake just kept me guessing all the way throughout this story. I liked him a lot and I knew that he was a good guy at heart. I just couldn't understand why he was trying to be one of the bad guy's. There had to be a reason and I was keen to find out what that reason was. Jake was hiding his true self behind an iron mask but as the story progressed that mask was slowly slipping.

It becomes harder and harder every day I watch her. She's fire, and I am a stupid 
motherfucking moth who wants what I can't have. And what I can't have is Lilly Morgan.

Jake was instantly attracted to Lilly. There was something about her that drew him to her but he couldn't show his true feelings because that would put both of them in danger. Jake was determined to keep his desires locked inside his heart but the more time he spent with Lilly the harder this became. He was falling for her and falling pretty hard.

I'm desperate for her to know the real me, to chose me, 
even if all she will ever have is my dark side.

Lilly was also attracted to Jake but, like me, she just couldn't work him out. Jake confused Lilly. He was part of the evil that surrounded her and for that reason she found it difficult to even consider opening her heart to him.

There's bad men and there's good men, but Jake keeps swinging like a pendulum 
between the two, and I can't fit him into a category where I feel he belongs.

I was gripped by this plot. It was full of twists and turns that I did not see coming. I found myself second guessing at every page I read. My brain was working overtime to understand the whys and whats running through my mind. I could not predict how this story would end, all I knew was that there would be a whole lot of ugliness before this couple could ever find their happy ending. During the story there were some heartbreaking times that had me close to tears and some extremely sexy scenes that had me reaching for a cold shower.

"Tell me now, baby, are you sure you want this? Because when I've finally had you, 
you are mine. You've turned my world inside out, baby. There will be no going back." 

This book was the authors debut novel and I was truly impressed. I felt that it was well written from both Lilly and Jake's POV. It was a stand alone book however the author is releasing more stories from this series and I will definitely be adding those to my TBR.

"You loved me at my darkest, baby, just wait till you see me at my best." 

This story was well worth the read. "You Loved Me At My Darkest" gets 4.5 hearts from me!

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Author Bio:

Evie Harper is an Aussie girl who has always been in love with reading. She decided to try her hand at writing and found it addictive and inspirational. 

You Loved Me At My Darkest is Evie's debut novel. It is a stand-alone with two companion novels to follow: 

You Loved Me At My Weakest
You Loved Me At My Ugliest 

You Loved Me series are dark romance stories and are only recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.

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