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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Vi Keeland's "Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter Series #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Vi Keeland's "Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter Series #3)."

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They say men like a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. I never knew the sentiment was reciprocal. Until I met Jax Knight. A gentleman in public, a commanding, dirty talking rogue in the bedroom.

Daughter of legendary fighter “The Saint,” Lily St. Claire knows firsthand how fighters can be. As the owner of a chain of MMA gyms, she’s no stranger to aggressive, dominating, and possessive men. That’s why she’s always kept her distance. But the day Jax Knight walks through her door she’s captivated by his charm. Stunningly handsome, well mannered, Ivy League educated, and confident, he shatters all the preconceived notions she’d come to think were true about men who trained to fight.

But falling for someone so soon after her breakup wasn’t something she’d planned on. And definitely not something her ex plans to allow.

Review: Surj Harvey

I first met Jackson Knight back in "Worth the Chance" his connection to Vince completely shocking me. Despite only a brief introduction to this man though, what I saw, I really liked and so when I discovered he was getting the third and final book in Vi Keeland's "MMA Fighters" series, I may just a squealed a little!!! "Worth Forgiving" was quite a quick read that was fun, flirty and oh so very dirty with just the right mix of seriousness to give it that edge that kept me reading. 

A relationship that starts on a lie is riddled for failure. 

Lily St Claire didn't mix business with pleasure. It was a rule she'd broken only once and she was still paying heavily for it in the form of an ex who just didn't seem to take no for an answer. To make matters worse, he was the nephew of her business partner Joe and so not only did he work at the chain of gyms she co owned but he also trained there too... yup he was a MMA fighter!!!! Caden was a complete dick!!! He was aggressive, controlling and even stalkerish and I couldn't stand him. I really felt for Lily because she truly was stuck between a rock and a hard place. She felt guilty because when her father had died, it was Caden who had been there to help pick up the pieces, to support her in her hour of need. So she tried to be nice, doing her best not to make matters worse. She even offered the hand of friendship once the relationship had turned south but Caden was having none of it. 

Jackson Knight was still reeling from the fallout of his father's sordid past. Thrust in to the media lime light because of it, his life was no longer his own and he hated it. I saw such a different side to his character and it was truly heart breaking. Here was a man who had sacrificed his own dreams of being a MMA fighter for the sake of his family only for it to be thrown back in his face. 

It's the first time in more than six months that I feel like I'm going in the right direction. 
Hell, it's the first time in a very long time, I feel like I have any direction. 

Looking into a new business opportunity, Jax found himself at Lily's gym... the rest as they say is history because from the minute their eyes locked, he was well and truly smitten. I loved the shift in his demeanor. At first he appeared a little cocky and maybe a touch arrogant but actually, that couldn't have been further from the truth. I loved Jax's playful, teasing manner. Add to the equation a hot, sweaty MMA fighter's body(yes he used the gym to train too), his good looks and the fact that he was a gentleman in every way possible (except in the bedroom) and my hormones went haywire. Holy crap this man really was all kinds of hotness and when he opened his mouth in the bedroom.... it was pure and utter filth!!!(my oh my did I blush). 

"Are you always such a flirt?" I tilt my head and ask coyly
"This isn't flirting," he responds with a sexy grin.
"It's not? Then what would you call it?"
His eyes glimmer. "Foreplay." 

But things are never quite so simple and I knew that with the rule Lily had in place plus an ex that just wouldn't disappear and a meddling senator hell bent on controlling his son's life, things would get a whole lot worse before they got better and I was right. 

"Worth the Fight" was a fantastic conclusion to the "MMA Fighters Series." It had characters that were easily likable, a slow building romance that had me itching for a kiss (and then so much more... yup I got greedy) and the sex... holy cow did Jax know what to do with those fingers!!!! The unexpected twists were fab and the fight at the end... ouch!!! I loved it. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Nico and Vince though, I think more so because this was the final book and I'd be bidding my boys a fond farewell but alas it wasn't meant to be. 

"Have you ever been in love?"
"I thought I was once. But I realise now that I wasn't really."
"Have you?"
"I think so. Every day I become more sure." 

All in all, a fab addition to series and I rated it 4 Hearts. 

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Dinner and a dirty mouth 

My face pinks when the waiter clears his throat, no doubt he’d heard Jax’s last comment. 

“Are you ready to hear the specials?” 

“Are we?” Jax arches an eyebrow, his eyes gleaming with delight. He’s not the slight bit embarrassed, but knows I am and is quite enjoying himself. 

“Yes. Please.” I give him the evil eye and force my full attention back to the waiter. The entire time the waiter talks about the specials I feel Jax’s eyes burning into me. 

“I’ll give you a moment to let you decide.” Graciously, the waiter excuses himself. 

“Why did you do that?” I scold, my voice low. 

“Do what?” He leans back in his seat, crossing his arms over his thick chest. 

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.” 

“Do I?” 

“You enjoy watching me flustered, don’t you?” 

Jax arches both eyebrows. Bad choice of words. 

“You know what I mean.” 

Leaning in, his voice gritty and sexy, he looks me straight in the eyes when he speaks. “I love watching you. Period. But what I like best is watching you pretend you’re unaffected. It’s like an unspoken challenge.” He pauses and leans in even closer. “I love the pink that creeps up your cheeks when I say something dirty. The way your pussy throbs when I mention what I’m going to do to you later, and you wiggle in your seat trying to control it. So yeah, I guess I do like watching you flustered. You sit and give your attention to the waiter, trying to pretend you’re listening to whatever he’s saying instead of thinking of me feeding you my cock later, but we both know you didn’t hear one word he said. Hell I didn’t hear one word watching you, just knowing what you were thinking about.” 

This time, I see the waiter before he’s close enough to hear us. He smiles as he reaches our table. “So what can I get for you this evening? Did I interest you in one of our specials?” 

I look at the waiter, then Jax, who arches an eyebrow with a knowing smirk on his face, then back to the waiter. “The specials all sounded delicious. I just can’t decide for myself. I’m going to defer to my date to pick one for me.” I return my eyes to Jax with a cheeky grin. 

He throws his head back with a chuckle and looks at the poor confused waiter. “We’ll take whatever two are your favorites. Surprise us.”

About the Author: 

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night! 
Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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