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Release Blitz & Review: Joanna Wylde's "Devil's Game (Reapers MC #3)."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Release Blitz & Review for Joanna Wylde's "Devil's Game (Reapers MC #3)."

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Liam “Hunter” Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil’s Jack, he knows his duty. He’ll defend his club from their oldest enemies—the Reapers—using whatever weapons he can find. But why use force when the Reapers’ president has a daughter who’s alone and vulnerable? Hunter has wanted her from the minute he saw her, and now he has an excuse to take her.

Em has lived her entire life in the shadow of the Reapers. Her overprotective father, Picnic, is the club’s president. The last time she had a boyfriend, Picnic shot him. Now the men in her life are far more interested in keeping her daddy happy than showing her a good time. Then she meets a handsome stranger—a man who isn't afraid to treat her like a real woman. One who isn't afraid of her father. His name is Liam, and he’s The One.

Or so she thinks.

Review: Surj Harvey

If this is your next read, get ready to take another walk on the wild side with the boys from the Reapers MC... but this time they have company in the form of the Devil's Jacks and that can only mean one thing... a truck load of the proverbial hitting the fan!!! I kid you not, Joanna Wylde has excelled yet again in giving us an edge of your seat read with an air of mystery and suspense to keep us guessing until the very end and kidnappings and shoot outs to test our very last nerve!!! I loved, loved, loved this book and the characters I met along the way....  however, when I read it, I did so with somewhat of a heavy heart thinking there was only one more book to go in this series and then..... that was it!!! How wrong was I!!! OMG there'll be more after Picnic's book!!! Woo Hoo. OK before I get my knickers in a twist and go celebrate, let's take a moment to savor all the amazing things about "Devil's Game:" Hunter and Emy's story.

So the first thing that really stood out for me was the humour... boy did Joanna turn it up a notch. It was like "Bridget Jones Diary" meets "Sons of Anarchy.." honestly, there were moments that were side splittingly hilarious, tears of laughter falling freely!!! But don't worry, the hilarity did NOT come at the expense of the raw, edginess of the biker world that we've grown to know and love... not at all. In fact the two worked perfectly together, the laughter bringing light hearted relief just when things were starting to turn south. 

So who was my Bridget Jones then? Em of course, the sheltered daughter of the Reapers President. Yup, as much as she'd been brought up around bikers, her father was still very over protective, shooting the last guy who claimed to be her boyfriend!!! Well holy shit balls if that wasn't enough to make any man steer clear. I loved reading about Em's childhood, her teenage crushes, the men she thought she'd one day marry (guys we'd read about in previous books no doubt.. lol). And then there was her continued down and out bad luck when it came to the said opposite sex... she just couldn't get it right... even as a grown woman!!! I honestly felt for her because on one hand, she was desperate to meet Mr Right but on the other, she was shit scarred of her father. She just couldn't make a break for freedom like her sister (Kit) had. 

That's when it all hit me and I started laughing. I'd just had incredible, indescribable sex with
the hottest guy I'd ever met- and I was still a fucking virgin. Just like high school. 
I couldn't give this shit away. 

Now Kit was a force to be reckoned with. She was a "grab the bull by the horns" kinda girl and the pickles she got in with Em were brilliant... it's amazing what alcohol can make you do!! Joanna got those drunk scenes down to a T, with the spelling mistakes in the texts and the sneaking around and giggling... the bold statements courtesy of a little dutch courage...and the hangover from hell the morning after... just  perfect!!! 

"Not sure I know what real is," I said. "But I don't believe in love babe. I believe in getting laid."

"That's the saddest thing I ever heard."

So let's talk Hunter... the bad boy we met back in "Reapers Legacy." Now he was your typical biker: he didn't do relationships, loved to f**k and was 100% loyal to his club. Oh and he was a sexist pig (but then aren't most bikers). You know that phrase... love to hate... well for me it was the fact that I hated that I completely swooned over this man!!! I couldn't help it!!! He was an ass of the hot kind and seeing him torn between The Devil's Jacks (the only real family he'd ever had) and a woman just melted me!!! I'm a soppy git I know!!! Don't worry though, I wasn't a complete pushover... there were still moments he deserved a bullet to the balls... or the very least a kick in the nuts!!!

"Are we having sex?" he asked bluntly. "Because if we're not, I need to to jerk off. 
Not trying to pressure you Em, but it's the fuckin' truth." 

Hunter and Em's relationship was never going to be straight forward.. come on... they come from rival biker gangs. Loyalties would definitely be tested, lines would be crossed and people would get hurt.... it's biker world.... it's never quite as simple as hearts and flowers... (do bikers do flowers??) But would it be worth the fight? Worth the sacrifice? Would they choose love over family? Now that in itself was a sh*t storm waiting to happen because would family let them go so easily??? Questions, questions!!!! But at least the sex was good!!! (orgasms have to count for something... right???)

I decided to play a little game. I'd lay in the dark, holding her, and pretend she was 
my old lady for a while. Pretend we lived in a world where I could have something as 
beautiful as her. That I didn't owe the Jacks everything or that she was a Reaper. 
Then I caught myself because what the fuck? 

So sex... there was lots of sex...in a bed, up a wall, in a coffee shop, on a table...we even got toe curling foreplay!!!  The icing on the cake? Was the really funny, but very hot phone sex!!!! Actually I lie... the best was the fall out after Picnic had sex with a club skank dressed as a sexy carrot for Holloween... WTF!!! Oh how the mighty had fallen!!!!  Freakin' hilarious!!! 

Joanna Wylde never ceases to amaze me with this series... each book just gets better and better with each story bringing something new to the table... if it's not the romance giving me butterflies, it's the biker element leaving my nerves on edge and if it's not that, then trust me, it'll be something, but rest assured, this series will not disappoint. Although "Devil's Game" can be read as a standalone, my advice... get to know the whole family and start with book one "Reaper's Property." Each time I pick up one of these books now, it's like visiting old family... I know each and every one of the main characters and where they fit into the bigger picture and it's like coming home.. I love it. 

"Love isn't a word that means a damn thing to me. 
"Em," though? That's a word that means everything. 

I can't wait for the final book in the Reapers MC series... yes we get Picnic's story!!!! Woo Hoo!!! We got to see quite a bit of him in "Devils Game" and the ending (surprise surprise) leads perfectly into his "Reaper's Stand" his book!!! I'm sooo excited.. roll on September 2014!!! 

I rated "Devil's Game" a solid 4.5 Hearts. 

About the Author:

Joanna is a freelance writer living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She started writing fiction in 2002, then took a long hiatus to explore other writing opportunities. She returned to fiction in January 2013 with ‘Reaper’s Property’, the first book in the Reaper's Motorcycle Club series, and is now set to release ‘Devil's Game’, the third of the 

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