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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Beth Ashworth's "Broken Souls."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog is pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Beth Ashworth's "Broken Souls."
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Pain, desperation and grief.

For Ashley Akerman, they are things that she has grown accustomed to feeling over the twenty-five years of her life. 

She always found it difficult to integrate into society, realising that her imperfections were always going to be the cause of her own insecurities. 

Stumbling upon the sassy Gabriela one day changed Ashley’s life for the better. She was introduced into a new circle of people that accepted her for her personality and didn’t judge her on her looks. But the good luck had been running for far too long... and time was up. 

When that devastating moment arises and Ashley loses the support system she has grown to rely on, how will she be able to continue? 

Will she revert to her previous life of merely existing as an empty shell in the world, or will the unplanned arrival of a certain Italian playboy throw everything into absolute and utter turmoil? 

Finding the strength to fight on through the destruction will be key for Ashley. Will she be able to overcome the overwhelming fear of her past catching up with her once again? Can her broken soul be repaired, or has she finally reached the point of irrevocable damage?

Blog Tour Review-Jo 

After reading and loving "Broken Truth" the first book in the "Broken Hearts" series I was really looking forward to reading this next book in the series. 

"Broken Souls" told the story of Ashley, a sweet girl who lacked confidence, was filled with self doubt and relied on her best friend "Gabriela" to support her through her insecurities. Gabriela boosted Ashley's confidence no end and pushed her to do things she wouldn't otherwise do. With Gabriela's friendship Ashley was doing her best to live a happy and fun filled life. That was until tragedy struck leaving her struggling to cope. 

Marco was a handsome Italian with a playboy reputation who came into Ashley's life  just at the right time. 

The man loved to have women falling at his feet. It was part of the charm surrounding 
the infamous Marco Conti. Woman everywhere wanted to have what he gave.
Did she really want to be another notch to his bedpost?

Ashley knew she should stay away but the couple shared a connection and she found herself following her heart rather than her head. The couple quickly became close, finding that they both needed each other. The question was: Could they work together to fix their broken souls? 

"We don't have anyone but ourselves to help through this, Marco, 
we are two broken souls that need to heal and find themselves again." 

When I first began reading this book I thought that I knew what was going to happen, thinking how predictable the story was, however, I thought wrong! The story took a completely different direction then the one I had anticipated. A whole lot of drama was on the cards for Ashley and Marco. Things were not as simple as I had once thought between the pair as family members appeared and new characters were introduced. Beth sure can throw a good twist into a story leaving me wondering what the hell was going to happen next!! 

I found the characters in this book a real mixed bag. I loved Marco. He was sexy and domineering and he truly cared for Ashley. He was just the type of guy she needed to help boost her self-esteem. 

"What if I told you that I had been thinking about you every moment since we were together?" 

Ashley frustrated me a little. I found that she really did appear to get walked over, especially by her awful Mother. I wanted her to become a stronger and more confident person, to be able to stand up for herself. As the story progressed I began to understand the reasons why Ashley acted the way she did and I hoped that in time things would work out for her. She truly was a sweet girl that deserved some happiness. 

And as for Ben, I really didn't like him at all. Ben was Ashley's work colleague who appeared overly keen to start a relationship with her. Should he be trusted? I really didn't think so. I took an instant dislike to him and felt that he was one creepy guy! 

So overall I enjoyed this story however it didn't capture me in the way that "Broken Truths" did. .Despite this I and am still a fan of Beth's writing and as such I am truly looking forward to reading the next book from her. 

Although Broken Souls is the second book in a series it can be read as a stand alone. 
Broken Souls gets 4 hearts from me!

Author Bio:

Beth Ashworth was born in Manchester in 1990, but shortly moved to the modest city of Coventry where she was raised and still resides now. As an avid reader from a very early age, Beth has always been keen to put her words onto paper. As a child she was always found with either a book in her hand, a pen and notepad or a computer games controller. Starting off by initially writing alternate endings to her favourite Jacqueline Wilson books from around the age of ten, Beth has continued to grow and love her passion for books. Eventually, after many unfinished books and short stories, she finally decided to follow her passion and write books that she hopes people will love. When she isn't reading or writing, Beth loves to spend time with her husband and friends. 

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