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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Marni Mann's "Pulled Beneath (Bar Harbor #1)".

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway:  Marni Mann's "Pulled Beneath (Bar Harbor #1)".


What happens when you uncover years of secrets and find out everything you thought to be true was a lie?

Drew Stevens finds her world turned upside down when her parents are brutally murdered. Soon after, she learns she inherited a property in Bar Harbor, Maine, from recently deceased grandparents that she believed had died when she was a baby.

Drew travels north to settle her grandparents’ estate, but finds more questions than answers as the truth starts unraveling. What she didn’t expect to find was Saint, whose reputation is as tumultuous as his past. But the very thing that brings them together is the same thing that keeps them emotionally caged.

With Saint's scars so deep and Drew's so fresh, can the pair heal from their painful wounds or will they be pulled beneath the darkness of their pasts? 

Blog Tour Review: Jo Rushton

"Pulled Beneath" told the story of Drew, a girl trying to rebuild her life following the tragic death of her parents. On top of that, she also discovered she'd inherited a house from grandparents she'd never known. A trip to Maine not only meant that she could settle the estate  but also led to her uncovering a whole host of secrets.

I loved the idea of this story but unfortunately once I began reading I found it to be a bit of a slow burner. The story failed to pull me in and I was longing for something to grab my attention. Despite this I stuck with the book and I'm glad that I did because in the second half , the story really began to pick up. Things got interesting for Drew because not only was she starting to uncover the truth behind her past but she also met Saint:

"People in pain were drawn to each other. That was what pulled me to him."

Saint was the sexy, mysterious neighbour with a bad reputation. When Drew and Saint first met, there was a connection between the two but Saint refused to take things further. He appeared to be hiding something and I was eager to find out what it was. Saint intrigued me and I became a hell of a lot more interested in the story line when he came on the scene! 

"I'm not worried that you'll hurt me, if that's what you think" 
"Maybe you should be"
"Saint, when I'm with you, I forget. I forget all of whole past"
"So do I."

Then there was Brady, the man who was hired to repair the house. Brady appeared to be the nice guy but I was convinced that he too was hiding something. There seemed to be more to him then met the eye and couldn't wait to find out what it was. 

As the story progressed, secrets were slowly unraveled. I enjoyed the way that the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together. Finally Drew knew the truth about her family.

"Life is coming back to let it. Don't give up this home; 
don't give up this chance for new memories."

Destiny had truly given Drew a helping hand in rebuilding her life and things were finally looking up.

"No more leaving, no more slammed doors. For either of us. 
I want you, Drew, but I want you here. In Maine." 

Overall I found this to be good story however I would have liked it to have been a little more fast paced. Although this is the first book in the "Bar Harbor" series this book can be read as a stand alone. "Pulled Beneath" get 4 slow burning hearts from me!


Saint’s nose grazed my neck and cheek. “I can smell Brady all over you,” he said.


“You went to Caleb’s house, didn’t you?”

“Who’s Caleb?”

That name didn’t sound familiar. But even if it had, I couldn’t concentrate on anything besides his mouth. The fullness of his lips. The wetness that I wanted to somehow seep into my own mouth. His warmth was enveloping me.

“It’s the brown house in the woods, the one I’m pretty sure was having a party tonight.” His mouth closed and he exhaled through his nose. He was several inches taller than I was, and his down-pointing gaze sent his breath straight into my mouth. I swallowed it like it was smoke. There was a hint of salt in his taste along with something fresh and sweet like mint candy. “I bet Gabe found you before everyone else.” He dipped the bottom half of his face into the water, submerging the parts I was having a hard time dragging my eyes away from. “I imagine Brady hated that. And I bet the two of them got into a fight.”

“How do you know?”

“You’re new here and no one’s been able to touch you yet; I know how they think.” One of his hands gripped the rock above my head; the other hugged my waist, clenching my skin as he spoke. “I bet you were wearing something tight, too…teasing them with your body.” My legs lifted on their own and wrapped around him. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t stop me or pull away. “I can’t really blame Gabe for wanting you, can I? Or Brady since he was just protecting what’s his.”

Did he really mean that? Or was he trying to get a reaction out of me?

“I’m not his…or anyone else’s.” His eyes gleamed from my words. “And you can’t smell Brady,” I added, “because he wasn’t all over me.”

His nose skimmed my chin. “I can smell his weed on your skin.” Then it raised an inch higher and scraped over the edge of my lips. “And his beer on your breath.”

“Don’t judge me just because I needed a break. We can’t all be Saints…” He hardly looked like one, and he wasn’t giving off an innocent vibe despite the lack of booze in his scent. Still, I couldn’t help but feel like I had done something wrong tonight. When I went to pull away, to put some space between us, my legs tightened instead. My body was responding on its own, regardless of what my mind was telling it to do.

Author Info:

A New Englander at heart, Marni Mann is now a Floridian inspired by the sandy beaches and hot pink sunsets of Sarasota. She taps mainstream appeal and shakes worldwide taboos, taking her readers on a dark and breathtaking journey. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop, she’s scouring for chocolate, traveling, reading, or walking her four-legged children. Visit her at

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