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Review: Renee Carlino's "Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing # 1.5)."

Review: Renee Carlino's "Sweet Little Thing (Sweet Thing # 1.5)."

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Ever wonder what happened after the final pages of Sweet Thing?

From his candid and sometimes neurotic point of view, Will tells all in this musical and sexy follow-up novella to Renée Carlino’s USA Today Bestseller.

Life is pure bliss for Mia and Will. They have a puppy, a loft in Brooklyn, and a new music studio on the rise. It seems things couldn’t get any better for this talented couple when life decides to throw them a sweet little curve ball.

They quickly learn that things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes happily ever after is one giant leap of faith away.

With the help of good music, good friends, and one eccentric old lady, they overcome a few of life’s little bumps to find the sweetest thing of all.

Watch this duo grow in more ways than one in SWEET Little THING.

Review: Surj Harvey   (ARC provided for honest review)

This was a fast paced, really cute novella that gave me the opportunity to catch up with Wilbur and Mia from "Sweet Thing." These two really did put me through the emotional ringer in book # 1 and I was sure I'd need some form of therapy after finishing with their story. However, I was dying to see what they'd been up to since then and I wasn't disappointed.  I loved this couple in "Sweet Little Thing" and it was clear as day that their love and relationship had grown from strength to strength. However that didn't mean that life didn't throw them a few curve balls now and again to test them. Yup, I got glimpses not only of the highs and lows they experienced as a couple but also the drama that went with working in the music industry. This book was full of little twists and I loved reading about how the dealt with the pickles that presented themselves. 

Mia and Will's relationship was so heart warming to read about. These two were so in tune  with each other, so in sync and I think that's what well and truly cemented their love for one another:

We were always so in sync that it felt like we'd been together for centuries, 
but in a good way. I was convinced we had lived twenty thousand lives, 
and in each one, we had found each other, like two tiny magnets in a drawer 
the size of the universe. She and I fit and moved together with such ease, 
I couldn't imagine ever being with anyone else."

Mia's character had developed so much since I was first introduced to her and I loved the person she had become. She was so much more sure of herself and what she wanted out of life and Will... well as much as he was a hopeless romantic who always put Mia first, he did have his wobbles where he kinda turned a little neurotic at times and had to be pulled back to reality by her. Mia really did know him mind, body and soul (lol). 

However, as much as this novella was certainly entertaining and laugh out loud hilarious at times, I got greedy and I really wanted more. Because "Sweet Little Thing" covered a time span of just under a year (I think), there were certain aspects of the story line that lacked depth or could have been explored more... it was almost like "blink and it was over." I craved more angst, I wanted to go on that emotional roller coaster ride with the characters but I felt like I wasn't invited and it all happened behind closed doors. I know this was a short catch up but like I said, I loved Mia and Wilbur so much, I just wanted more of them.

“Mia, I promise that I will never stop loving you, laughing with you, playing music with you, crying with you. I promise I will never stop dancing with you and cuddling you and bringing 
you chocolate and wine. I'm yours forever and I choose you to be mine.”

“Will, your love is so pure and real that I can feel it in your fingertips when I touch you. 
I can see it in your eyes and the way you simile at me. I’m so in love with you because
you are the most genuine, kind and loving human being I have ever met.”

All in all, a really sweet, funny ending to a fab story. I rated "Sweet Little Thing" 3.5 - 4 Hearts. 

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