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Review: Lili Saint Germain's "Five Miles (Gypsy Brother # 3)."

Review: Lili Saint Germain's "Five Miles (Gypsy Brother # 3)."

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My father taught me the importance of an eye for an eye—a cardinal rule, ingrained in every club member.

A life for a life.

Seven lives in payment for an unimaginable list of sins.

People might wonder why I’m doing this. If this vengeance is borne from some noble cause. If I’m trying to prevent others from suffering at the hands of Dornan Ross and his sons.

But I’m no selfless vigilante.

I’m doing this for me. I’m doing it because I want to.

I’m doing this because I just want to be able to sleep at night without seeing their faces.

This is the fate they have earned. The penance for their crimes.
Time to send some of these brothers off with a bang.

Review: Surj Harvey

Someone asked me once if vengeance is ever justified. Of course it is. An eye for an eye. 

The Gypsy Brothers Series is now my number one addiction and I just cannot get enough. Each book just gets better and better and if there were more stars, I'd be giving them out!!!! Lili St Germain yet again had me on the edge of my seat giving me another piece of this amazing, yet nail biting story and as predictable as I thought it might be, the twists and turns thrown in really did blow me away, leaving me dumb struck and my emotions all over the place.  

In her quest for revenge, this book started off with Juliette almost killing herself by taking the cocaine she'd used to poison Maxi. Not her greatest idea because yet again she found herself in a hospital bed with Jase getting more and more frustrated with her. He just couldn't work Juliette out and I could see that it was driving him crazy. Why the hell would she stay with Dornan when he treated her the way he did? What the hell was she hiding? 

"You're quiet today, Sammi," he says brushing a knuckle against my cheek.
"Run out of lies to tell me?"

I could see that Jase was getting closer and closer to the truth and it didn't help that Juliette was slipping up more and more. In this third book, I really got to see the impact her need for revenge was having on both her physical and emotional well being. She was skin and bones, not eating properly, letting Dornan abuse her any which way he wanted and on the inside, I could see a woman so close to breaking point. Her panic attacks had increased ten fold, she was exhausted, she wasn't sleeping and all of this led careless mistakes being made which in turn led to suspicions being raised. Juliette was always good at covering up her mistakes but for how much longer? 

It's almost like I'm dying.... little by little; piece by piece. Burnt out, shattered, 
breaking apart under the weight of my lies- and I still have five to go. 

I honestly worried for her because as much as she was more concerned about what Jase would do if he knew the truth, in my heart I just knew he would never harm her. I was more worried about any one of the others finding out because that would never end well. If she thought she'd endured hell once, I knew it would be ten times worse this time around. 

Even Elliott was worried about Juliette and I have to say, my heart kinda broke a little bit for him because I think he knew, as much as he loved her and she had loved him, her heart had always belonged to Jase:

"I left because after three years, you were still calling out his name."

With Elliott voicing his concerns over Juliette's welfare, this story suddenly changed course and took a direction I wasn't expecting. The nervousness well and truly settled in to the pit of my stomach because I knew there was no way in hell what they were planning could possibly work. I was even starting to list all the things that could go wrong and my god there were a few. 

"You need to end this," he says emphatically.
"I know," I whisper.
"So end it."

The closer I got to the end of "Five Miles," the more twists I encountered but the final one... the biggie... WTF!!!! My heart was racing ten to the dozen and I'm sure I forgot to breathe!!!! I'm still recovering from that one Lili and I'm gutted I'm going to have to wait until 26th May 2014 for the next installment entitled "Four Score." 

"Five Miles" was brilliant. It was action packed, full of drama and predictable it was most definitely not. This was nail biting stuff not for the faint hearted so don your big girl panties and prepare for what is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. Another 5 Hearts for this one!!! 

And it's also when I realise that even when Dornan and his sons die, 
I won't be rid of this horrid feeling that permeates every cell in my body. This filth. 

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