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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Aria Cage's "Roar."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Blog Tour & Giveaway for Aria Cage's "Roar."

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I’m shadowed by sins; mine and the ones passed on to me. The only light comes in the way of him. He wants to fix me, but he can’t fix something so lost and broken. I'm completely undeserving and secretly unwilling. But how do I turn away the one person my body and soul soars for, the one thing that makes me forget the fear, the loss and the guilt? How do I stop the primal need which we are addicted to?

She is a stranger amongst the world, a captive behind her smiles and lies which shelters the truth. But I know her, we are caged together with the demons and guilt, yet my love is stronger against all our loss and I want to help her heal, to set her free. Under her cloak still lies my scared kitten, feral to her soul because of what he took from both of us. If it’s the last thing I do, I will help her roar like the tiger I know her to be, even if it means setting her free from me.

Caged by their demons and primal need, will their love be strong enough to set them free?


Blog Tour Review: Surj Harvey

"Roar" was a book that completely suffocated me with sadness and heart break and I know it will stay with me for a long time. Nate and Charlie's story was beautiful yet brutal... it sucked me in, chewed me up and spat me out but I couldn't put it down. My heart was in my mouth, my stomach in knots at what I was reading and at times, I could have quite easily have been physically sick. Yes this book touched on some horrific subject matters... subject matters not for the faint hearted but this was balanced out by some of the most  beautiful moments I have ever read, cherished moments that just stole my heart and truly helped restore my faith in man kind. 

Charlie and Nate were two characters who were so tragically flawed, my heart just ached for them. Their lives seemed to be shrouded in so much darkness, so much guilt and so much pain, I wondered whether they would ever get a break. The more I read, the more I uncovered, the more my heart shattered because they were prisoners of their past, a tragic, horrific past that was like a noose around their necks, getting tighter and tighter as each day past. It was a living hell and I wondered how they ever survived. 

What I want you to see is that there is room to heal, to soar, and live your life beyond the 
wounds you carry around inside you. I want you to recover and be strong, I want you to 
be the ruler of the kingdom that is your life and roar like a tiger I know is in you. 

As inseparable as they were as children, a turn of events in their teenage years had torn Charlie and Nate apart. Being thrown together years later meant old wounds were reopened, the demons that had laid dormant were awakened and they were forced to face a past they had tried so desperately to hide. It was tragic, torturous reading and I was desperate for the characters to find a way out of the hell their lives had become but it didn't matter how quickly I read, it didn't seem peace would find them any time soon. 

Nate stayed with me through thick and thin, hell and worse, 
until we were forced apart, and taught what we shared was wrong. 

Nate and Charlie's characters were not too dissimilar. Both had made choices that continued to eat away at them, each trying desperately to make amends for the wrongs that weren't there's to right. There was such an overwhelming sense of guilt  for what the other had had to endure and there was so much self loathing as a result. Nate's life had taken a positive turn in their years apart and he had become successful in his own right but Charlie had never been far from his thoughts. Unfortunately Charlie's life was far from a bed of roses. She had literally gone out of the frying pan and into the fire but in her own mind, she deserved nothing less. 
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Over the years, the love Nate and Charlie shared was the one thing that never faltered ... in fact if anything, time apart had only made their feelings for one another that much stronger... the pull, that chemistry was still there but would it be enough? Charlie's scars ran deep and unfortunately, my gut was telling me that Nate's unconditional love might not be enough to save her but I wanted that... I needed him to be her knight in shining armor... she deserved that much. 

As secrets were revealed and the true extent of the damage done laid bare, I sobbed my heart out for this couple. I was consumed with so much anger and so much hatred because it could have been prevented if not for the ignorance of a few. Thank god for Nona and Davey, two beautiful characters who just stole my heart. Nona's words of wisdom, love and support made my heart swell and to be honest, I really needed that because the tone of this book was far from a happy one! 

She doesn't want me to fix her, to help her, but I can't stop. I want to help her, to fix her 
problems if I can. Like the selfish asshole I am, I want to be the reason she doesn't give up.
 I want to be the one she moves forward for, and I want all these things so we can finally 
together because together we can be anything- fight for everything together. 
I did it for her, and I know she can do it for us. 

The writing in "Roar" was so emotive, so raw with chapters told from the past and the present and from dual POV  intertwining perfectly. This allowed me to see the true horror of Charlie and Nate's past but also, the impact that had had on them as individuals in adult life (and trust me, you'll need a iron clad stomach when reading this).

I loved this book... it was a compelling, thought provoking read which I would whole heartedly recommend.  I rated "Roar" 4.5 Hearts 

About the Author

My name is Aria and I have three confessions:
#1 No matter how much I try, I can't stop shopping at Typo or the local tattooist. I believe that would be how I would introduce myself at an anonymous club, right?
#2 I write under another name but I'm not going to tell you ... don't beg, she will kill me if I tell. Ha! So I guess you could call me a genre whore.
#3 My phone is my life line. I can't leave the house without it.
If you want to get to know me, follow my social pages on facebook and twitter and my blog.

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