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Review: J.B Hartnett's "Inky."

Review: J.B Hartnett's "Inky."

~ Review: 2.5 Hearts ~

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Anika “Inky” Redding is passionate about two things; her love of painting and her fiancé Evan. While working as a bartender to pay her bills, she meets Cole, a sexy divorcee. She denies their mutual attraction and tries to put him out of her mind.

When an abusive person from her childhood makes an unexpected visit, Inky’s world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and truths are exposed leaving Inky devastated and questioning what she thought was love. As she picks up the pieces and tries to move on, she finds her path crosses with Cole once again and this time, she cannot deny the passion between them.

Once she opens her heart again, will she be able to move forward or will her past find a way to stop her?

Review: Surj Harvey

This book had so much potential but I have to say, it just didn't deliver. 10% in and honestly, I was bored. The writing didn't grab me and neither did the plot. It was predictable and just lacked the depth I was craving in both the characters and the story line. It was like the whole book was on fast forward. Each time I began to get engrossed in part of the story, it was over and the characters had moved on. Gahhhh!!! 

At 17%, the plot seemed to move up a gear which was great. I honestly thought I would finally start connecting with the characters and I did ... albeit for a short time. Inky's past had been tragic... just awful. It was a past that had left its mark on her and on the whole, she had huge trust issues. Understandable. So when her past finally caught up with her, my heart started racing because I didn't know how this would pan out. Thank god it was over before it started. However, Inky was left completely traumatised and I saw the beginnings of a downward spiral. The ritual she went through and the meaning of her tattoo was soul destroying and I felt so devastated for her. See, sounds good right? In theory yes but I just felt this part of the book was so rushed. I wanted more to be made of it, more of what was going on in her head, more of how the ritual and the tattoo came about... it never came. 

Inky's character confused me. Yes she had a strength, a determination not to be a victim which was great but when she talked about her past or when others threw it in her face... I wanted more from her.... not a bitch fight, not a bejazzled t shirt, not a swim in a pool. I wanted more emotion, more hurt, more heart ache, more angst, just more something... anything. An example would be after she opened up to Cole. The next thing I know, she's on the phone to her best friend asking whether she should wear underwear or go bare-ass in his swimming pool!! Uhhh hello... you just told him about the your harrowing past and now you're talking about going for a swim and whether you've kissed him!!! Really!!! 

In terms of The connection between Cole and Inky... I just didn't get it. Did I miss something during their initial interactions? I know he helped her through a panic attack but it was like all of a sudden, he was consuming her thoughts. It just wasn't believable for me. And when he said he was falling in love with her.... my eyes rolled and the first words out of my mouth.... come on.... purleeze!!!! 

I could talk about the secondary characters and how amazing they were (and I do mean that) but to be honest, I don't think it will help the books cause. Had the book been longer, I may have got the depth I was after, that emotional connection but alas, it just wasn't meant to be. 

The book does end on a cliff hanger ... a predictable one and I can already guess how the sequel will go so unfortunately, I won't be reading it. 

I know a lot of people really loved this book and the characters in it but it just wasn't for me. I tried to like it... I really did... I mean I finished it in the hope that at some point it would turn itself around... it didn't. I rated "Inky" a disappointing 2.5 Hearts 

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