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Review: J A Redmerski's "Reviving Izabel (In the Company of Killers # 2)".

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Review: J A Redmerski's "Reviving Izabel (In the Company of Killers #2)".


Determined to live a dark life in the company of the assassin who freed her from bondage, Sarai sets out on her own to settle a score with an evil sadist. Unskilled and untrained in the art of killing, the events that unfold leave her hanging precariously on the edge of death when nothing goes as planned. 

Sarai’s reckless choices send her on a path she knows she can never turn back from and so she presents Victor with an ultimatum: help her become more like him and give her a fighting chance, or she’ll do it alone no matter the consequences. Knowing that Sarai cannot become what she wants to be overnight, Victor begins to train her and inevitably their complicated relationship heats up. 

As Arthur Hamburg’s right-hand man, Willem Stephens, closes in on his crusade to destroy Sarai, she is left with the crushing realization that she may have bitten off more than she can chew. But Sarai, taking on the new and improved role of Izabel Seyfried, still has a set of deadly skills of her own that will prove to be all she needs to secure her place beside Victor.

But there is one test that Izabel must face that has the potential to destroy everything she is working so hard to achieve. One final test that will not only make her question her decision to want this dangerous life, but will make her question everything she has come to trust about Victor Faust

My Review: Jo Rushton

This book is a continuing story so do not read "Reviving Izabel" until you have read the first book "Killing Sarai (In the Company of Killers #1)"

"Reviving Izabel" was brilliant and made for a fantastic sequel and a perfect conclusion to the story of Victor and Izabel. The book continued eight months on from the end of the "Killing Sarai". Sarai was attempting to live a normal life without Victor but that wasn't coming easily. She was consumed by  two things: wanting revenge and Victor Faust.

"I want nothing more then to pack my bags and go back to that dangerous life. 
The life with Victor. I need him. I can't get him out of my head. I've tried. Dammit I have tried."

Sarai couldn't do anything to find Victor and so  she set out on a mission for revenge against Arthur Hamburg alone. But was she capable of murder without his help?

                     "Either this will be my first night as a killer, or my last night alive."

Sarai remained strong and gutsy in "Reviving Izabel" and no one messed with her and got away with it. She was faithful and determined to get what she wanted and these qualities made her the perfect partner for Victor.

Victor remained hot and sexy. It was impossible not to love him even though he was a bad ass!  When Victor and Sarai finally met again, they were sizzling hot together.

"Victor grabs my face in both hands and shoves my body against the wall, 
closing his lips fiercely over mine. His tongue tangles with my own, his mouth 
stealing my breath in a passionate kiss. "

 I loved how Sarai brought out the caring side of Victor. It is obvious that he still had feelings for her.

"I'm not sure what this is between us but I am sure that I don't want it to stop."  

He acted so protective over her. I do love a bad boy with a possessive streak. In my eyes, Victor and Sarai were truly perfect for each other.

"Seems like we are made for each other, like two puzzle pieces that at first don't appear to fit, 
but eventually fall into place when looked at in the most unlikely of angles."

"Reviving Izabel" was well written and I remained absorbed in the characters through the story. I really didn't know how things were going to turn out for this couple but I was rooting for them throughout. The path that they were following was so violent and dangerous. They were playing with fire and I was certain that one or both of them would get burnt. 

The "Company of Killers" Series is not a hearts and flowers kind of  love story, its a love story that's challenging, painful and intense and I loved it.

"He love's me without having to say it. He cherishes me without having to prove it. 
When he touches me I know what he's thinking, how he truly feels beneath that mask he 
wears in the face of others. I'm the only soul he's ever let into his life completely. 
And the only one he'll never let go. He became my 'hero' after all. The other half of my soul."

"Reviving Izabel" gets 5 hearts from me.

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