Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review: Kitty French's "Wanderlust."

Review: Kitty French's "Wanderlust."

~ 4 Hearts Review ~


Ruby has been in love with Ford since their university days, but she hasn't seen her former best friend in years--not since the one unforgettable kiss they shared right before he went off globe-trotting and she stayed behind. When he returns to town unexpectedly for their friends' New Year's Eve wedding, the sparks between them ignite, but can her wanderer ever settle down? Ford has never forgotten Ruby, or the kiss that changed everything between them, despite the many women he has tried to erase her with. His return to England for the wedding means a second chance with Ruby--but will one passion-filled evening with her be enough, or has he finally found his home?

Review: Surj Harvey

OK so I popped my "Seasonal read" cherry today!!! I know I know, it's not even December but I had an hour to kill this morning and Kitty French's "Wanderlust" was just sat on my kindle glaring at me, dying to be read. I loved it. It's a second chance romance novella that sent me all giddy with excitement because it looked like the two main characters (Ruby and Ford) would finally get what they had been wishing for during their years apart. 

The kiss they'd shared had turned their friendship into something else...
into unfinished business. 

This book was packed full of romance, one very hot male lead and the sex?Well Kitty French knows how to write a good sex scene and the ones on this book were no exception. They were hotter than hot and full of passion... the toe curling type that left me feeling all flushed!!! Plus there was snow, candles, log fires and the setting was a beautiful hotel in the Cotswold's... yup I definitely got that warm, wintery, fuzzy feeling whilst I worked my way through the pages.

It had felt like every day of every one of those years they'd known each other 
had led to this one night, tangled together naked on an antique bed in a snowstorm. 

This novella was a cute, guilty pleasures read and it will truly get you in the festive spirit. I rated "Wanderlust" 4 Hearts

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