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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Vi Keeland's "Worth the Fight."

The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog are pleased to be a part of the Release Blitz for Vi Keeland's "Worth the Fight."
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It didn’t matter that the ref called it a clean hit. Nico Hunter would never be the same. 

Elle has a good life. A job she loves, a great apartment, and the guy she’s been dating for more than two years is a catch and a half. But it’s boring…and she strives to keep it that way. Too many emotions are dangerous. Her own past is living proof of what can happen when you lose control.

Then Nico walks into Elle’s office and everything changes…for both of them. But what can the tattooed, hard-bodied MMA fighter and the beautiful and always steady attorney have in common? A lot more than they bargained for.

Review: Surj Harvey

An attorney and an MMA fighter... now what could these two people possible have in common? On the surface absolutely nothing at all, but dig a little deeper and their pasts were more similar than they or I could ever have imagined.  

Elle's past had meant she kept her emotions locked away. Her life was structured, organised and neat and when it came to relationships, she went for the safe (what I would call boring) option. Don't get me wrong, William seemed like a nice guy but their relationship just seemed so clinical, so regimental.

Well as much as William would live to regret it, I have to say I did a happy dance when he introduced Elle to Nico. Now that was instant attraction if ever I saw it:

The man knocks the wind right out of my lungs. He is quite possibly the most
handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. William is no slacker in the looks 
department, but this man is everything that William isn't. 

For a moment I did wonder whether this story would have a love triangle element to it but don't worry because Elle had already realised her and William were over, and I think her attraction to Nico just reinforced that. 

Nico's persuit of Elle was just brilliant. I just loved their initial date which wasn't really a date? You see, Nico was fully aware of William's connection to Elle and if she wanted to see him again, William would have to be out of the picture. This guy did not share and he made that perfectly clear in his alpha male, Tarzan kinda way:

"I want my smell on you. In you. So that the whole god damn world knows your mine."

Nico's character was such a contradiction. He was a tattoo'd MMA fighter, completely alpha, protective of what was his... yup all man but he also had a softer side and that came out firstly with Vinny, the kid he had taken under his wing but also with Elle. 

Elle had spent years suppressing emotional reactions, choosing to live her life with caution and control. The shift in character when Nico entered her life was brilliant. She became a flustered wreck, emotional, at one point I even saw a possessive, jealous streak. Suddenly she was just like the rest of us, she was finally living:

Too many years of my life went by with me flatlining, trying to evade all emotions. 
It's the first time I want to feel in a long time. 
Feel the highs and the lows and all that's inbetween. 

The first half of the book was most definitely about the development of their relationship. There were no big surprises or twists that got my heart racing but I did get some very, very, very hot sex instead... and that did send my blood pressure through the roof. These two were like rabbits and it was hot and frenzied and even desperate at times. They just couldn't get enough of one another. Don't get me wrong though, their relationship wasn't just sex because these two got to know each other pretty well on an emotional level too and their lives soon fell into a routine... that is until it came to their pasts. 

Both Elle and Nico harboured so much guilt for events that had taken place in their pasts. Nico's past was revealed very early on but he kept his guilt hidden. The demons that haunted Elle however still gave her nightmares:

It's not really a dream, it's a nightmare. Although nightmares are a figment of a 
person's imagination, so I guess what I just woke up to wasn't a nightmare... 
it was reality. My reality. My memory. My past.

When their pasts finally finally came to bite them on the ass, I knew it wouldn't be  pretty and I was right. Old wounds were reopened and I knew in my gut how Nico would react and I was so right. Elle's story was so harrowing and when I read pages where she relived certain moments from her childhood, honestly, those scenes were brutal,  uncomfortable and painful to read and I could really understand why she had chosen the life she had before Nico turned it all on it's head. 

The second half of the book definitely had my mind in overdrive. I had so many questions going around in my head: who was Nico's mystery opponent  why was it kept a secret, who drew the contract up (part of me thought William may have had a hand in it!!!) etc etc and at 80%, everything suddenly became clear and this book moved up a notch. Be prepared for edge of your seat action because the last 10% of the book will give you just that and it will break your heart. 

As much as I enjoyed the story, I really wanted something to sink my teeth into and the first half of the book didn't give me that. Yes there was a lot of steamy sex but I wanted more angst or chase in their relationship... just something. As I moved into the second half of the book, I got what I had been desperately craving and found my heart did bottom out a few times and I did find myself shouting at the characters, in particular Nico on more than one occasion. 

This is a standalone so Elle and Nico do get their HEA but there is a second book in the series which tells Vinny's story (when he's all grown up!). 

I just had to include this quote from the book though because it was just hilarious!!! I was howling with laughter!!! 

"I'm relieved that I had removed the flavoured condoms that Regina had shoved 
into my purse before I left yesterday. Bacon Flavour. What woman 
wants to taste meat while, you know, tasting meat?"

Author Bio:

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting USA Today Best Selling smut author by night!  

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