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Review: Rachel Van Dyken's "Ruin."

Review: Rachel Van Dyken's "Ruin."

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I'm not your typical girl. I've been running away from the memories that haunt me for so long that depression has become my only comfort. I was content in the darkness...until Wes Michals offered to be my light.

I didn't know that time wasn't my ally -- that every second that ticked past was one step closer to the end of something that was beginning to mean the end of myself. He tried to warn me. He promised me all he was able to offer--each moment as it came--but it would never be enough.

Sometimes when you think it's the end, it's only the beginning. Wes thought he could save me, but in giving me everything, he ruined me. Because after one kiss, one touch, I couldn't--I wouldn't ever be the same.

And from that moment on, his heartbeat became my own.

Review: Surj Harvey

I bought Rachel Van Dyken's "Ruin" whilst it was on offer last week and finally got around to reading it today!!! This book blew me away so much so that everything I had planned this afternoon got pushed to the side just so that I could devour it. I mean I literally read it in one sitting. "Ruin" had me laughing, crying, laughing whilst crying and even crying whilst laughing!!!! Yup it had it all. If you read one book this week, I would whole heartedly recommend this one. Truly amazing. Rachel Van Dyken, I was looking for my next "WOW" read and I found it in your book. 

I knew from the moment I'd finished the prologue, I wouldn't be able to put this book down. The synopsis gave very little away and what lay ahead of me was definitely not what I expected. As I turned the pages, it became clear that Kiersten's past had completely shattered her life. She had suffered such loss and heart break that living had become a struggle, antidepressants getting her through each day. Her story was a tragic one but thank god for Uncle JoBob who thought it was about time his niece started embracing life again:

"Live," Uncle Jo rasped. "Mess up. Get arrested. Hell, get caught doing drugs."

And what better way than college. Now this was a whole new experience for her... the whole boys, parties, drinking thing was completely alien to Kiersten. I loved her innocence and naivety.  It didn't come across as forced or unnatural.  Her character was written perfectly. And who'd have thought in her first few days she's bump into a boy!!!! A hot boy!!!! Like a really hot boy!!!! 

Wes Michals stole my heart from the moment he uttered his first words. I fell in love and I fell hard. This guy was just funny and the things that came out of his mouth... just laugh out loud hilarious. His nickname for Kiersten was "Lamb"

She laughed. "Whatever makes you happy."
"Whistles." I nodded. "And redheads." I reached for her hand again. "Virgins."
Virgin lamb...." I sighed. "I may need to sacrifice you on the alter."
"I'd rather not be sacrificed."
"You never know." I gave her a cocky grin. "You may just like it."
"You never know." She sighed dreamily. "I may just stab you."
"Fair." I chuckled. "Now let's go. People to see, milk to drink, freshman to corrupt."

Their dialogue was quick, witty, funny, and the chemistry was undeniable but Wes was hiding a secret. It didn't take long for me to work it out but I don't think the aim was to keep it a secret, not from the readers anyway:

I should have told her then. Told her that I wasn't the hero she thought I was. 
Nah, I was keeping something epic from her, which sort of made me the villain in this tale. 

I knew this book was going to break my heart and as I ploughed through the pages with a heavy heart, my stomach in knots I just had such a feeling of dread. Even through the laughter (and it was genuine laughter), that feeling of despair would return quickly, that lump in my throat reforming as quickly as it had disintegrated.  My heart was slowly breaking and there was nothing I could do about it other than ride it out hoping that the glue would eventually come to put it back together. 

The secondary characters (Lisa and Gabe) were the kind of friends you would want on your side. Gabe was like the over protective brother and Lisa... she was your typical larger than life but very lovable best friend who would walk on hot coals for you.

This book was about life and death, friendship, love and most importantly hope. I can't say anymore than this because I'm not going to ruin what is a truly amazing book. The writing was beautiful, the words melted my heart and the characters... I loved each and every one of them. Even those characters that initially left me angry found a place in my heart once I'd gotten to know them.

"I'm ruined for you- and I won't ever be the same. It's the greatest gift anyone's ever given me."
He wiped away my tears. "Ruin?"
"Yeah, ruin, because in helping me knock down all those demons, you built me back up again. And for that, I'll never be able to repay you." 

Would I recommend this book??? OMG it's a must!!!!!
I rated "Ruin" 4.5 Hearts

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