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Review: Olivia Cunning's "Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret # 2)"

Review of Olivia Cunning's "Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret # 2)"

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For the five sexy rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard.

One more night…

For almost a year, Madison has been Adam’s hook-up every time his band, Sole Regret, tours through Dallas. But in spite of the way he sets her body ablaze with passion, the occasional night of rock-her-world sex isn't enough anymore. She needs a commitment and knows that won’t fit into Adam’s rock-star lifestyle. Madison will take one more hot-and-heavy night with the sexy musician before she cuts all ties with him for good. Even if she must break her own heart to do it.

To tempt him…

Life isn't all bright lights and fan adulation for the lead guitarist for Sole Regret. Madison has seen Adam at his worst and still managed to bring out the best in him. Her cleverly concealed naughty side also brings out the beast in him. He’s never met a more tempting woman in his life.

Madison has no problem tempting Adam into her bed, but can she tempt his heart into taking a chance on love? 

Tempt Me is the second novella in Olivia Cunning’s Sole Regret series. This 32,500 word erotic romance novella contains explicit sexual situations, including some rough backdoor lovin’, hair-pulling, spanking, and whole lotta dirty talk.

Review: Surj Harvey

Holy cow I was not expecting that. After reading "Try Me (One Night with Sole Regret #1)", I was expecting quite a light, fun, cute read but how wrong was I? This book was so different from the first in so many ways (but definitely not in a bad way). It was more intense, covered some serious topics and managed to elicit a whole host of emotions I wasn't expecting to feel. 

Madison was such a lovely character and my heart really went out with her. What had started as some fun with Adam had grown into so much more and now she was left torn:

She hadn't been able to think of anything all day but being in his arms, 
in his bed and, hopefully someday, in his heart.  

Did she confess her feelings to him and risk losing him or did she just shut up and put up?

She was almost certain that if she gave him an ultimatum, he'd run and never look back. 
She's lose him forever. 

Trust me, in some ways there was a lot to lose because these two were so entwined when they were together. They were comfortable in each others company and Madison had ultimately helped Adam through some pretty hard times. When he had been at his lowest, at his most vulnerable, Madison had been his anchor. To top it off, the sex was amazing and Madison was able to just completely let herself go when she was with him. Nothing was out of bounds and I got to see these two in some very hot situations!!!! If you think the sex in "Try Me" was hot, this takes it to a whole new level!!! 

Dear lord, he'd created a monster- a very sweet and sexy monster, one he was more 
than willing to experiment with sexually, but a monster all the same. 

Unfortunately, Adam wasn't ready to commit. I saw red a few times with the way he treated Madison. Yes he'd slept with other women but I didn't feel it necessary for him to throw it at her. The whole "you knew what I was like when you started dating me " really infuriated me.  She didn't deserve that and it was this that made her realise that she couldn't be in a one sided relationship:

Even so, how much longer could she remain in a relationship 
where she was the only monogamous partner? 

Adam unfortunately had a past and each day was a struggle to escape the demons clawing at his back. Most days he won the fight but he did slip up. As cocky and tough as he came across, only Madison saw him at his weakest. Would he be able to give up the one person that truly knew him? Their relationship wasn't straight forward and I found my heart doing all sorts as they tried to work out what was right for them. I really wanted them to work but even in this short story, there were obstacles being thrown at them. Honest to god my nerves were shot by the end. 

I was also given another glimpse of the other characters of the band "Sole Regret" and I was able to see the beginnings of  stories for the other characters. 

"Tempt Me" left me with a lot of questions and it left the characters with so much more they had to explore. Thank god they have a second novella in "Tease Me." 
I rated "Tempt Me" 4 Hearts. 

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