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Review: Olivia Cunning: "Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret)"

Review: Olivia Cunning's "Take Me (One Night with Sole Regret # 3)"

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She is one woman he should never touch…

Sole Regret’s enigmatic vocalist, Jacob “Shade” Silverton, is a consummate womanizer, but even he knows better than to get involved with one special woman from his past. Mixing friendship and pleasure can only lead to a broken heart, and he’s suffered enough heartache to swear off relationships for a lifetime.

He is one man she has always desired…

Amanda Lange knows all about Shade’s naughty reputation, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to dive into the gorgeous rock star’s arms and into his bed. She convinces herself that one night of passion won’t complicate their friendship, but can she convince him of that?

They’re both playing with fire.

Neither of them realized how far one kiss would take them. As the flames of their passion ignite with the intensity of an inferno, will either of them escape the experience without being burned or will both be branded fool enough to take a chance on a relationship that was marked for ruin before it even began?

Review: Surj:

Well I have to say, I am absolutely loving this series. The more I get to know the members of "Sole Regret," the more I just love them. On the surface, they all appear to be your typical rockstars but start digging a little deeper and I think you'll find very different characters. 

I'd met Jacob (Shade) in the first two books in the "One Night with Sole Regret series" and on the surface, I found him to be a cocky, arrogant bugger who thought he was gods gift and milked it for all it was worth. He was never short of ladies throwing themselves at him  and he was all about having a good time. But as I started to peel back the layers, I found someone very different and I actually really liked his character. Yes he'd fucked up in a massive way in his past but when it came to the one true love of his life, I saw such a warm, loving side to him. There was almost a vulnerability to him that very few people got to see. Unfortunately it was always the bitch of an ex that bought that side out. She knew exactly what to say to make him feel unworthy. She belittled and berated him and unfortunately he took it because there was too much at stake not too. It was hard not to feel for him.

The female lead in this book was Amanda and she was just perfect for Jacob. I really liked her character. She was easy going, didn't pressure Jacob and really managed to bring out the best in him. She liked the person he was and not the performer that was "Shade." 

     But with Amanda he could just be himself without worrying about what she thought of him. 

Unfortunately, Amanda was forbidden fruit Despite the attraction between them, they'd always managed to keep their relationship platonic. They both had far too much to lose if they took their relationship any further but the teasing was always there:   

You'd better stop acting all caring and sensitive. 
You wouldn't want me to fall in love with you, would you?

I knew if this ended up being more than just one night, there would be fire works and not the nice, pretty kind.

Well, it only took an evening to give into temptation and that's when I saw the temperature suddenly go up. Yup we got sex. A hell of a lot of sex but up until about 50%, the sex seemed relatively vanilla to me (especially if you compare it to the first two books). Don't get me wrong, it was still hot but just not what I'd expected from this man. But then all of a sudden, the sex moved to the bedroom and omg it moved to a whole different level. Jacob was a kinky bugger too .... Yay!!!! But what would happen when the one night was over? Would they be able to accept it was just one night of sex and move on or would they both want something more? Could they have something more?

Sex was fun with Jacob, and she didn't need more than a good time at the moment.

There was definitely a lot going against. As I saw various band members catching them in the act, I could tell this was not going to be plain sailing if they decided to take it further. Thank god they get another novella because I really want to see where their relationship goes. 

It was great seeing the other band members making appearances. Gabe asking about advice on sex was hilarious and I'm glad we got to the bottom of the rift between Jacob and Adam too. 

I can't wait for Jacob and Amanda's second novella in "Treat Me (One Night with Sole Regret.)
I rated this book 4 Hearts


  1. Great review! I just finished this book and I loved it too. I agree with you that in the first two books a different picture was painted of Shades and left you not really caring for his obnoxious, devil-may-care ways...but you could see glimmers of something deeper at times. In this book, you really get to know him and I think he is probably my favorite band member up to this point. Really loved this story. Enjoyed your review! ;-)

    1. These books just kept getting better and better. The last two books in the series get reviewed tomorrow and Thursday and they were the best yet. Loved this series and can't wait for the next installment. Thank you so much for your lovely comments too xxx