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Interview with Jake Wethers and Tru Bennett (Samantha Towle's "TMS/ WTS."

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The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog were very fortunate to get an interview with the amazing Jake Wethers and his equally amazing leading lady Try Bennett as part of our "Bad Boys of Rock Month"  on the blog. They were both very open and honest when answering questions but if you haven't read "Wethering the Storm," you may want to look away as this interview does contain spoilers!!!!


Hi Both. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us at The Hopeless Romantics Book blog. I know life is probably pretty hectic at the moment with all the recent changes in your lives.(marriage, baby). So how are you both doing? 

Tru: Really well, thanks! Things have been a little crazy, a lot of change and upheaval in our lives. But we’re thankful to be together, happy and healthy, and have JJ. I couldn’t want or ask for more.

Jake, did you ever picture your life to be the way it is now even 18 months ago? A lot has happened and you are definitely a changed man (don’t get me wrong, we’re not complaining!!! Lol)

I always hoped my life would one day be like this, Tru and I together. And I think we’d been apart long enough to warrant the good stuff happening so quickly. I’ve got my best friend and most beautiful girl in the world by my side, and a son I adore. Life is fucking good.

Tru, your life is so different to how it was too. I know you were left heart broken when Jake left you all those years ago. Did you ever imagine he’d walk back into your life the way he did and completely sweep you off your feet? 

Not at all. Part of me always wished I’d get to see him again, but never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be together, let alone what we have now. I’m a lucky girl.

Jake, you knew you’d see Tru again one day. In fact you were so sure of the fact that you saved visiting some pretty amazing places just so you could share those special moments with her. There isn’t a woman out there whose heart didn’t melt when you told Tru that. You are one hopeless romantic!!!

*shrugs, grinning* What can I say, Tru brings it out in me.

Tru, how are you coping with all the fame and media attention that comes with being with Jake? (Especially with all the new changes in your lives). 

It was really difficult at first, but Jake and Stuart have been helping me adjust, and have been helping me learn how to cope with the attention Jake brings. Also, it’s always good to have Dave around to get me out of situations that I don’t feel comfortable in!

So what does the future hold for Tru Bennett? I know you’ll be going on tour with the band next year as will your Dad (yay!!!) and you’ve kinda got your hands full with the men in your life. 

Just gonna be a momma for a while. Enjoy my babies while they’re still babies. Carry on writing for Etiquette. And then who knows!

Music is such a massive part of both your lives, who/ what are you listening to at the moment?

Jake: Imagine Dragons
Tru: Jake Bugg

Tru: do you ever listen to “The Mighty Storm” albums now that you have Jake?

Absolutely! I’ve got to support my man! And I love listening to the guys play, and I get to hear the live versions, which is of course amazing!

How’s “The Mighty Storm” doing as a band? You’re touring next year. That will be a little different to the last tour, especially with all the new additions. 

We’re doing great. The dynamic will of course be a little different as some of us have kids now. I’m working on taming the stuff that comes out of Tom’s mouth before we go on tour and he’s around the kids! But at the heart of it, we’re still the same. It’ll just be the same TMS tours as before, but instead of beer bottles littering our hotel rooms, it’ll be baby bottles. 

How are Denny and Simone And Tom? That man just completely surprised me. I think I fell in love all over again (just don’t tell the husband!!! Lol).

Tru; Denny and Simone are doing good, expecting their first baby, so they’re really excited! And Tom…. well let’s just say he’s doing real good.

So we’re getting Tom’s story.... any little teasers you’d like to share? Snippets of information to keep us going? Come on Jake... you’re his best friend.... we’re desperate for more of “The Mighty Storm.” Even a possible release date/ month? OK I’m clutching at straws I know!!! Lol   Tru.... just a tiny snippet????? Lol

Jake: Ha! The boss would kill me if I revealed a single thing! But let’s just say, you’re all going to have a blast reading Tom’s book ;)

Will there be any more stories from the band other than Tom’s or is that it? :0(

Tru: I believe Tom’s will be the last book. But you never know. Never say never…

And finally.... Jake... has Tru finally tamed you? 

Jake: Hmm…. Am I tame, now, Tru?
Tru: *shakes her head, laughing* There’s no taming Jake the snake Wethers!

Thank you both for answering our questions. We've loved your story and fell in love with you both as individuals and as a couple. We're truly hoping we get to see a little more of you both in Tom’s story although to be honest, we can’t wait to see more of that man too. 

Tru: Thanks for having us, it was fun! And I’ll tell Tom you said hello! 

Thank you again. 

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