Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Winners List from our Huge 700 Likes Giveaway:

Winners of our 700 Likes Giveaway: 

Hi all
Apologies in the delay but here's the list of all the winners from our 700 Likes competition. Everyone has been contacted and some of you have already received your books!!! Thank you to all of the amazing authors who donated. We truly appreciate your support. And thank you to our amazing followers. We will definitely be having more giveaways so watch this space!!!

Kelly Walker Humphrey: Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster (Signed Paperbacks)  

Amanda Brown: Renee Carlino: Sweet Thing (Signed Paperback)  

Sharilyn Dickerson: Lexi Ryan: Unbreak Me (Ebook)  

Bube Petreska: Kylie Scott: Lick (Ebook)  

Amanda Lile: Samantha Towle :The Mighty Storm (Ebook)

Helena Ferrell: Samantha Towle: First Bitten (Ebook) 

Amy Surrey: Joanna Wylde: Reapers Property (Ebook) 

Kendra Ogles: J.C Reed: Surrender Your Love (Signed Paperback)  

Lou Berkhart:   Marie Hall: A moment (x3 Ebooks) 

Da Angel
Elise Dashevsky

Danielle BonaVentura: Sebastian Cole: Sand Dollar (Signed Paperback)

Corie Brown: Carey Heywood: Him (Paperback)  

Justin Freeman: Carey Heywood: A Bridge of her Own (Ebook) 

Jody  Marinich: Carey Heywood: Stages of Grace (Ebook) 

Stephanie Brown: Carey Heywood: Uninvolved (Ebook)  

Ginger Foster: Selene Chardou:Book 1& 2Rock and Roll Trilogy (Paperback/Ebook)      
Falling into Lust 
Falling into Us

Nina Claire Escoto: Michelle Kemper Brownlow: Ebook of In Too Deep  

Lora Musikantow: Delancey Stewart: A Rare Vintage (Ebook)  

Lisa Swallow: Karlene Blamore Mowle:1 & 2 in the Whisky Shots series (Ebooks)
Whisky State of Mind
Whisky on my Mind       
Karlene Blakemore Mowle: Four Romantic Suspense Titles: can be read as standalones (Ebooks)

Trisha Sapia: Karlene Blakemore Mowle: Operation Summer Storm

Anna Roselli: Karlene Blakemore Mowle: Operation Willow Ques

Donna Murphy: Karlene Blakemore Mowle: Operation Swift Mercy

Abbie Young: Karlene Blakemore Mowle: Operation Date with Destiny

Jayanna Galamgam: S.K Quinn: The Ivy Lessons/ Where the Ivy Grows (Ebook x 2)  
Margerita Hernandez

Dawn Bruce: Selena Laurence: Hidden (Ebook)  

Lisa Clifton: Cora Carmack: Losing It (Signed Paperback)

Vickie Harvey: Lexi Buchanan: Sizzle (Signed Papeback plus swag)  

Doreen Foucault: H.M Ward: Damaged 2: (Ebook)  

Jackie Alexander Pressley: Shannon Mayer: High Risk Love (Ebook)  

Andi Hansen Maples: K. Bromberg: Driven (Ebook)  

Kenna Young: Jessica Sorensen:The Secret of Ella and Micha (UK paperback) 

Lu Bielefeld: Sylvia Day: Entwined with You (UK Paperback)  

Emily Bowes: Skye Warren: Ebooks of the "Beauty Series."

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