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Review: Michelle A Valentine's "Rock the Heart."

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5 Hearts Review: M. A Valentine's "Rock the Heart."
(Black Falcon Series)
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New York Times and USA Today Best-selling Black Falcon Series:
 For the last four years, good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. She thought she was sensible when she told him his dreams of being a rock star would get him nowhere, but now that he's a rock god and her career is stagnant, she realizes just how wrong she was. When Noel hires the marketing company where Lane is an intern, she's forced to see him again. If she wants to land her dream job as executive within the company, she has to win him over and secure his account. Too bad Noel is still pissed at her for breaking his heart.
When Lane's company flies her to a Black Falcon concert to gain Noel's attention, emotions run high the moment she sees him and realizes she's far from over him. But Noel's countless trysts with groupies and his cocky attitude make Lane believe he isn't the same guy she once loved--now he seems to only want her body. Then after Lane discloses she needs him to procure a job, Noel proves he's a changed man by forcing her to go on the road with him in order to get it.
After Lane reluctantly takes Noel up on his offer, she becomes willing to do whatever it takes to keep him satisfied, even if it means succumbing to his seductive ways. Lane soon finds deception is a dangerous game and she's not the only one playing.

Review: Surj

What the hell took me so long to pick up this book??? I can’t believe it was released last November and I've just read it now!!!! Shame on me because I have sooo missed out on one very hot rock god!!! Noel Falcon ….. I think I’m in love. And Lane  how could you break up with him all those years ago? 
I knew this was one book I was going to enjoy getting stuck and yes, from the moment these two crossed paths, I couldn't put the book down. 

Lane and the choices she made all those years ago... I'm so glad her decision to split up with Noel came back to bite her on the bum because this was a man who had worked his ass off to prove everyone who had doubted him wrong. He had been homeless, he’d lived in his car and he’d eaten those damn bloody packet noodles because that’s all he could afford!!! But he’d done it. Noel Falcon was a living, breathing, successful rock star and I’m so glad Lane had to eat her words. 
I loved the fact that when it came to her, Noel knew exactly which buttons to press. He knew her better than she thought and that was definitely to her detriment. The more they “worked” together, the more he got under her skin and it drove her mad:

“That can’t happen between us. I don’t have those kind of feelings for you anymore.”
He raises an eyebrow and his grin turns wicked. “Are you sure about that? Don’t forget Lane, 
I know you. I know what makes you tick and what you….” – 
his eyes scan the length of my body lingering on my breasts – “want.”
Damn him.

Initially, I just couldn't work him out though. Why would he want the girl that broke his heart  working so close to him? What were his motives:

“The next song goes out to the girl that shredded my heart without hesitation                              
 in high school. It’s called Ball Busting Bitch and Lane, this one’s for you.”

I was just hoping he wasn't out for revenge because that would really piss on my Noel Falcon bonfire. Lucky me because it wasn't  He wanted so much more and he wasn't afraid to say it. Whether it was a kiss, sex or love, Noel wasn't backwards in coming forwards. He said it how it was and I admired that. He knew what he wanted and would do everything in his power to get it. Lucky Lane because she was all he wanted!!! And that possessive streak he had going on... I loved it. He was always there like a bullet staking his claim a guy tried to show any signs of interest. 

Lane bless her tried everything to keep their relationship professional. Like me, she was unsure of his motives but knew that she had to set boundaries, draw professional lines and not cross them… easier said than done:

I can keep my head on straight and maintain a business relationship with him. God 
knows if he touches me the way he did in Houston, he’ll be pretty fucking hard to resist.

I could see that leaving Noel was one of her biggest regrets but she just couldn't go back, her insecurities eating away at her. The minute she started working with him though, I knew she was going to struggle and she did. I loved that she even got jealous of the groupies even though she had no claim over him. I knew exactly where their relationship was heading and I loved it. It kept me reading, eager to get to those all important juicy parts and by god we definitely got some of those…. El scorchio!!!! 

I know “Rock the Heart” sounds straight forward but trust me, it definitely isn't  Michelle A Valentine through in a few curve balls I really didn't expect. I knew there was something Noel was hiding but I couldn't work out what. I took a few guesses but it was so much more than I thought. The curve balls bought out a whole new set of emotions for me, ones I wasn't expecting to feel in this book. I felt so heart broken for Lane but also for Riff (yes you heard right… I said Riff). I was so angry but I’m glad Lane stood her ground and did what was right and best for herself. I couldn't believe what Noel was asking from her. I know he loved her and she was the one but that? Really? Never play second fiddle to anyone!!!! A motto I firmly stand by. 

I loved every bit of Noel and Lane's book. It was well written with a fab story that definitely kept me wanting more. It wasn't a heavy read but it didn't warrant that. The emotions it elicited from me were right for the story that was told. There were moments of laughter (a good few of those) but also moments where I felt like my heart had just stopped beating, that sinking feeling where you know something bad was about to happen and I was usually right. I would most definitely recommend this book and can't wait to read the rest of the series. Catch you later because I'm off to read "Rock the Band." lol

I've rated this book 5 bad ass rock star Hearts
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