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Teaser: K Bromberg's "Fueled."

@KBrombergDriven Teaser for "Fueled" (book #2 in the Driven Trilogy)
I read K Bromberg's "Driven" earlier on this year and loved it. I mean who wouldn't especially with Colton in it (a very hot race car driver). Here's a link to my review:
Well book #2 "Fueled" is due out this summer and here's a few words plus a teaser from the author herself:
K. Bromberg:
Just a little something to get you through the week...Oh, might I mention a possible Colton POV posting on Monday coming to the blog that gave Driven it's very first review...stay tuned...and enjoy...


Colton forcibly pins me against the wall, his body crashing into mine instantaneously.

I only have time for one coherent thought before the taste of Colton pulls me under. He’s not pissed at me. Not hardly. He’s consumed with desire.

All of the heat and urgency in the kiss on the stairs is intensified and then some. Our teeth clash and bodies mesh as his tongue pushes through my lips and licks into my mouth. His hands are everywhere on my body at once, each touch flaring my need and shooting desire like a mainline to my core.

I need him in me, filling me, moving inside of me, right now like I need my next breath.
His tongue continues its tormenting assault on my mouth, his hands seeking my bare flesh as the words of the song fuel the desire raging between us. He reaches down and pulls my leg up to his hip, his hands sliding up and under my hem. Desperate fingers digging into my willing flesh. His hand is so close, yet so far away from where I need it to be, that all I can do is groan out in a mixture of frustration and need. He nips my bottom lip, followed by the soothing lick of his tongue prompting me to tighten my grip on his hair that’s fisted in my hands. I tug on it, my silent way of saying I need him too. Want him just as desperately.

Right here.

Right now.
It's so much fun teasing you with just a taste... :-)

BIG things coming in the next few weeks Driven fans!  Colton POV and a contest letting you, the reader, be a part of FUELED...details coming soon...

Thanks for reading, recommending it to your friends, and spreading the word in general about Driven...I really appreciate it!

xx K

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