Sunday, 2 June 2013

Teaser: J.C Reed's "Conquer Your Love."

For those of you who loved J.C Reed's "Surrender Your Love", here is a teaser from the sequel "Conquer Your Love" which is out on 8th June 2013.
Hi guys,

As promised, here's a second preview of Conquer Your Love.
P.S. cover reveal coming this weekend.

“I raised my chin a notch and regarded him stubbornly. “Were you—”
Jett cut me off. “I heard you the first time and I’m fucking pissed you’d ever think that of me.”
“I didn’t. I—” My throat constric...
ted at the angry glint in his eyes.
“What the fuck, Brooke? I thought you knew me.” His voice came so low I had a hard time understanding him, which was worse than yelling. It made me feel bad—disappointed in myself—even though I had no reason to.
“I don’t know you because we’ve barely scratched the surface of your life,” I said warily. My heart was beating a million miles an hour. “I’m sorry. It was just an innocent question. Anyone would ask the same thing, given the circumstances.”
“Given the circumstances.” His jaw set. He pulled his hand away and leaned back in his chair, putting as much distance between us as our sitting arrangement allowed.
He was angry and I couldn’t blame him.
“I didn’t mean to be accusatory,” I said. “It was just a question, Jett.”
He laughed slowly, still avoiding my gaze. I scanned his beautiful face. His scowl didn’t distract from his beauty; it just made him look different, and I realized I really didn’t know much about him.
“I wish I knew you better,” I said softly. “The real you—not the mask you’re putting on to hide what’s inside.”
His cloud of anger lifted just a little bit. “I’d love another date.”
I laughed at his impudence. “This wasn’t a date.”
“Whatever you call it, I’d love another one of those.” He cocked his head, giving me the kind of smile I had been waiting for all day.

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