Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Colleen Hoover's "Losing Hope" Teaser

So who wants a "Losing Hope" Teaser? Not long to wait for it's release: 9th July 2013

In the words of Colleen Hoover herself:

I’ve been getting a ton of requests for a Losing Hope teaser, and who am I to deprive y’all?  It is SO hard to pick a scene!  There are so many I don’t want anyone to see until they have the whole book, so hope this one will do for now.  Just one more month until the release!
This scene is from a few days after Holder sees the bracelet in the cafeteria and walks away from Sky.
“Yo, flipdick.  We on for tonight?” Daniel says, walking up to my locker.

The last thing I feel like doing tonight is going out.  I know Daniel would probably get my mind off her with all the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth, but I don’t really want to get my mind off her.  I haven’t spoken to her since Monday and the only thing that sounds appealing besides being with her is wallowing alone in self-pity.

“Maybe tomorrow.  I don’t really feel like doing anything tonight.”

Daniel leans his elbow into the locker and he lowers his head, leaning toward me.  “You’re really being a mangina,” he says.  “You didn’t even date the chick.  Get the fuck over it and…” Daniel glances over my shoulder without finishing the sentence.  “What the hell is your problem, powder puff?” He’s speaking to someone now standing behind me.  The way he says it can only mean it’s Grayson.  Fearing I’m about to get sucker punched from behind, I spin around.
It’s not Grayson.
Breckin is facing me and he doesn’t look very pleased about it.
“Hey,” I say.
“I need to talk to you,” he says.  I know he wants to talk about Sky and I really don’t want to talk about Sky.  Not to Breckin, not to Daniel, not even to Sky.  No one understands anything about anything and frankly, it’s nobody’s business.
“Sorry, Breckin.  I’m not really in the mood to talk about her.”

Breckin takes a quick step forward and I take a quick step back because I wasn’t expecting him to rush me like he just did.  My back is against the locker and Daniel is laughing. Probably because Breckin is a good fifty pounds lighter than me and several inches shorter and he’s wondering why the hell I haven’t laid Breckin on his ass yet.  But that doesn’t stop Breckin from moving in even closer to get right in my face.

“I don’t really give a shit what kind of mood you’re in, because I’m in a pretty shitty mood myself, Holder.  You aren’t the one having to pick up all the shattered pieces of Sky this week.   I don’t know what the hell happened in the cafeteria Monday, but it was enough to show me that I don’t like you.  I don’t like you one damn bit and I have no idea what Sky sees in you because what you did to her?  How you led her on for days and then just walked away like she was a waste of your time?”  Breckin shakes his head, still fuming.

He drops his eyes down to my arm.  Down to the tattoo.  “I feel sorry for you,” he sighs. He inhales a calming breath and slowly looks back up at me.  “I feel sorry for you, because people like her don’t come along more than once. She deserves someone who realizes that. Someone who appreciates her.  Someone who would never just…” he shakes his head, looking at me disappointedly.  “Someone who would never crush her hope and then just walk away.”

Breckin backs up a step when he’s finished and Daniel gives me the look.  The look that indicates he’s ready to start one of his fights. Before I even have the chance to tell Daniel to refrain, he begins to lunge forward toward Breckin. I quickly step in between them and shove Daniel against the locker with my arm, keeping it pressed against his chest.  “Don’t,” I say, holding Daniel back.

“Let him hit me,” Breckin says loudly from behind me.  “Or better yet, why don’t you just do it, Holder?  You proved to her on Monday what a badass you are.  Have at it!”

I release Daniel and turn around to face Breckin.  The last thing I want to do is hit him.  Why would I hit him when everything he just said to me was the absolute truth? He’s pissed at me because of how I treated Sky.  He’s pissed and he’s protecting her and I have no idea how to tell him how much it means to me to know she has him.

I turn around and open my locker, then grab my backpack and car keys.  Daniel is watching me closely, wondering why I’m not kicking Breckin’s ass right now. I face Breckin again and he’s eyeing me with just as much confusion as Daniel.  I begin to walk away, but pause when I’m shoulder to shoulder with Breckin. “I’m glad she has you, Breckin.”

He doesn’t respond.  I pull my backpack onto my shoulder and walk away.


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