Saturday, 18 May 2013

Teaser: "Rebecca Donovan's "Out of Breath."

For those of you eagerly waiting for the third book in the "Breathing" series by Rebecca Donovan, here is a teaser from "OUT OF BREATH" to keep you going for a while. Enjoy xxx


... Emma, what are you afraid of?

I feared that if I turned a...
round, Jonathan would be there, awaiting an answer. I closed my eyes and inhaled, calming my racing heartbeat. When I opened them again, the jitters were gone and the vertigo had dissipated. I took in the coppery stone wall across from me.

I craned my neck over the edge again. “What are you afraid of, Emma?” I asked in a murmur, repeating Jonathan’s words from that day on the cliff.


I knew…I wasn’t afraid. 
I was carved out and scraped clean, a shell of my former self standing upon the ledge. There was only something to fear if I had something to lose. And I had nothing.

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