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Samantha Towle Interview and Signed Book Giveaway: Part Two

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So thank you so much to everyone who has read part one of my interview with Samantha Towle and to those who have entered the competition to win a signed copy of "The Mighty Storm". It seems this book is in demand especially since the cover will be changing as of 20th August 2013 (the same date as "Wethering The Storm" is released!!!! Soooo exciting. The date is already marked on my calendar). 

So here is part two of my interview with Samantha Towle where she talks about her inspiration for the characters in her books, her frustrations and whether Mr Towle has read her books. Enjoy x

Surj: So what’s the most difficult part of a book to write?

Samantha: The ending is always difficult. You want to make sure you giving the book justice so it has to be right. I will write, re-write, change the wording, add bits, take bits out just to make sure it’s perfect. Sometimes, I spend forever just re-wording the ending even though the outcome is the same.

Surj: Is this the case with all your books or just TMS and WTS?

Samantha: Probably more so with these books because I was so attached to Tru and Jake. Jake just stole my heart a little bit .

Surj: I think Jake stole everyone’s heart. If Jake was real, there would be a queue forming.

Samantha: Even my mom’s secretly hoping he’s real!!! (Samantha laughs). When I talk about him, I talk about him like he exists.

Surj: I think we all do. I think that’s mainly because of how you wrote about him and how you described him. I think everyone who read TMS and fell in love with Jake has a very clear picture of what he looks like in their mind (and he is soooo hot!!!) And the pictures you put up just aid our imaginations.

Samantha: I put those pictures up because the fans really enjoy seeing them and also, they like to see how I picture Jake in my mind.... but honestly, I have never truly found him and I don’t think I ever will.

Surj: Well Samantha the image of him in my mind is near damn perfect and if he knocked on my door looking to borrow some sugar, I definitely wouldn’t turn him away!!!! lol

Surj: So has Mr Towle read your books?

Samantha: He’s read all of them except WTS. I think that one’s going to shock him!!! (ahem). I think he reads them because firstly I wrote them but also because he wants to see what all the fuss is about  on Facebook. He’s a guy though and they’re not really his kind of books. He prefers autobiographies on footballers (Samantha laughs). He does comment though and does say things like he can really see how my writing has improved over the years which is really good to hear.

Surj: Where do you get your inspiration from for your characters?

Samantha: Music is my main inspiration, a song, a line in a song, even a music video. “Bringer” was inspired by Guns and Roses “Don’t Cry”. I was listening to that song for the millionth time and the story just came into my head and I knew I just had to get it down on paper.
With my new book “Trouble”, I was editing WTS and listening MTV in the background when I heard Taylor Swifts song "I knew you were trouble" playing. I stopped everything I was doing and had to go and watch the video. Then I watched it again... and again and that was when Jordan's character popped into my head. It wasn’t necessarily just the lyrics but more from the actual video. It was the guy "Reeve Carney" who inspired Jordan's character.

Surj: Wow I need to go and watch the music video.

Surj: How do you come up with the names for your characters?

Samantha: I don’t really. As weird as it sounds, the characters tell me their names. I already had “Jake” in my head. As for his surname, When “Wethers” came to mind, it was from the link with “Storm” as in “The Mighty Storm” but I didn’t want it spelt in the typical way “Weathers.” So I dropped the “a”.

Surj: I couldn’t imagine the Jake Wethers I have in my mind being called anything else!!!! Lol

Surj: Do you ever get angry or frustrated with your characters?

Samantha: All the times, especially when they won’t so what I want them to. When I want them to go in one direction, and they’re pulling me in another. Unfortunately you have to follow the lead of your characters and the conversations that are flowing. I find the characters do have a habit of taking over even though I’m the one doing the writing.

Surj: Who’s your favourite character?

Samantha: Jake Wethers of course although you will fall in love with Tom as you read WTS.

Surj: Ok so you’re killing me now. I can’t wait until August!!!!! Argghhhhhh

Samantha laughs

Surj: Your readers have become very attached to Jake and Tru. Do you have any characters you feel attached to?

Samantha: Definitely Jake

Surj: And Tru?

Samantha: Well Tru’s character is very balanced. She’s had a good home life, parents that love her etc. Jake has never had that. He’s broken and you do see more of this side in WTS because you get to hear Jake’s voice in his chapters. It will make you love him even more.

Surj: I don’t think we could love him anymore than we already do!!! Lol

So that was part two of the interview. The whole interview (including part three) will be published on Monday morning where we will discover a bit more about Tom's book and also get an insight into the book Samantha is currently writing called "Trouble".

Have a good weekend all xxx
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