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Prologue: Madeline Sheehan"s "Unattainable."

How the hell did I miss this???? Better late than never. Here is the prologue of "Unattainable." The story of Cage and Tegan. Wow.
Here's what Madeline Sheehan had to say:
So...will you stop asking when the third book will be out if I post an extra long teaser of UnAttainable?


Okay, well it was worth a shot.

Here you go...

(Undeniable #3)

If you love something, set it free...
If it comes back, it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was yours....
~ Richard Bach

I’ll always remember the first time I laid eyes on him; the bane of my entire existence. I was six years old, he was eleven, tall, blond, with deep brown eyes and when he smiled…dimples.
Most importantly, he was sweet to me.

Despite his young age he was the lone male figure that actively participated in my life.

My father, a truck driver, was never home and when he was, he was more interested in television and beer than my mother and I.

My mother’s boyfriend…Jason “Jase” Brady, a lifer in the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club in my hometown, Miles City, Montana was only interested in my mother…when he wasn’t with his own wife and three children.

The other boys in the club, they were nice to me. They took care of me in a surrogate sort of way, I’d never wanted for anything financially, but their love was always from a distance.

My mother, no matter how much she loved Jase, would always be considered a club whore. Not family. And I was just the kid of a club whore.

Not family.

And that was it. I had no one else, no uncles and aunts or grandfathers and grandmothers to turn to.
Only Cage.

And at first it was enough. He paid attention to me when no one else did. Played with me, even partook in my fictitious tea parties right alongside my dollies.

But six year old feelings eventually turned into twelve year old feelings and twelve year old feelings turned into sixteen year old feelings…

The older I grew, the more I grew to love him until I no longer looked to him as the one stable figurehead in my life but instead loved him with an intensity that at times bordered on madness.

Crushes, they say, have the potential to kill a person if they aren’t careful.

I wasn’t careful. I let that crush blossom uncontrollably until it was full bloom, exploding from within me.

It wasn’t the same for him. The older he grew, the more he changed.

He became the cockiest, most self centered, self serving, egotistical, narcissistic, and depraved mother fucker I’d ever met in my entire life. Which, when I think back on it, is probably why I fell head over heels in love with him.

Girls are stupid like that.

And when it came to Cage West, I had been one of the stupidest.

However, I wasn’t alone in my stupidity.

Nearly every female that crossed Cage’s path fell immediately into a big bucket of fucking stupid. Young, old, and everything in between, it didn’t matter, the minute they saw his smile, heard his smooth as whiskey drawl, watched the fluid way he moved…they went instantly stupid.

As time passed, my blossoming feelings, unreciprocated, with nowhere to go, began to fester and rot, until I couldn’t take it anymore and took matters into my own hands…

…and did something really, really…


That in the end...killed me.

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