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Meet the Cast from Madeline Sheehan's "Unattainable."

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Madeline Sheehan:
So I promised you all a UnA teaser last night and I am most definitely going to deliver and, while, I think it might be a little earlier for a full blown teaser I'd still like to introduce you to the starring characters in the next installment of the Undeniable series:Meet the Cast of Unattainable:

"Wiping my sweaty palms off on my jeans, I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror. So what if I wasn’t pretty like Danny or her friends? Maybe if I took my glasses off…
But then I wouldn’t be able to see.
I wished I didn’t have braces. I wished my breasts were bigger. I wished I knew how make a guy look at me the way guys looked at Danny.
I hated Danny. Her perfect body, her perfect hair, her perfect face. She probably turned girls into lesbians.
Why do some people get to be so perfect and other people get slapped with the ugly stick?"

Meet CAGE:"He was a whore. A man whore. He knew it. Hell, everyone knew it. He’d been sleeping with every pussy that came his way since he’d lost his virginity at the age of twelve to a senior in high school, six years older than him. After that, after a few more sexual encounters, it just seemed like it was…his thing.
The girls flocked to him. They thought he was hot as hell and didn’t give two fucks if he fucked them once and then tossed them aside because really all they wanted was to say they’d fucked him.
He hated it.
But, like he’d said, it was his thing.
It was almost expected of him to act like a slut.
That’s all anyone ever thought about when they looked at him.
And…cool, whatever, sex was fun as hell, he loved it…
Until, he didn’t love it anymore.
Now it was just…sex. And every time he came, if he even remembered it, he felt more and more like shit. He wasn’t even sure why he felt like shit. What dude feels like shit after getting laid? Sometimes multiple times in one night.
This dude."

Meet ELLIE:"Ellie didn’t regret her decisions to put her education and career first or to cut people like Danny and Anabeth out of her life, women with no aspirations except to marry men who would take care of them.
Whether it be on the back of a notorious criminals bike, or in the back of a wealthy, spoiled man’s limousine, they’d both sold out, gave up their freedom to a pair of assholes and were doing nothing with their lives except birthing more asshole children.
They both were actively shitting on every single woman who’d worked tirelessly for years to give the female sex an equal shot in life, to obtain the vote and work side by side men, to earn equal wages and be treated with the respect they deserved.
That would never be Ellie. She would never give up her dreams for a man and she would never ever end up with a man who wanted to control her life, who expected her to get on her back whenever they had a hard on or pop out children whenever they ordered she do so."

Meet DIRTY:"Bitches didn’t like him, they sure as fuck didn’t fuck him willingly and for the most part he knew that was his fault. He didn’t give females a reason to like him. Why should he? They were all the same. Useless judgemental whores who took advantage of everyone. So why shower? Why bother making himself look like the man he knew he could look like? If a woman didn’t want him unless he was prettied up they could go fuck themselves. Or he’d dose them and then fuck them. And they never even knew all the dirty shit he did to them.
Payback was a mother fucking bitch.
And after what had been done to him, when he was only a child, he had a whole shit ton of bitches to hit with the payback stick.
Except it had been so long since…
...and he actually wanted to be touched."

Coming winter 2013/2014.

© Madeline Sheehan Books 2013
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